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Fractals and Rifts


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Basically, fractals... time-loop bubbles... Rift bubbles are the same thing, so:

Are those things showing past events or can they also show displaced current locations and future ones? I mean if the mists and so the time is melting with the reality it's possible no?

In the asura storyline, you face your evil dopplehanger during an instance, what if it was in reality a future fractal of one of your multiple futures?

If a famous red asuras organization put its hands on a mist-travelling device it could be desastrous. I essentially thinking of Arkk a character we don't know a lot about and that's sad. I can easily imagine soon a huge test area where asuras try to enter rifts in hazmat suits.

About the range of displaced locations, it's almost infinite due to ??? Fractal in jahai bluffs. Underground or in space? Planet maybe.

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