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A Casual Summary: April 23 2019 Balance Changes

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Welcome to my Casual Summary, where I break down balance patch notes by summarizing profession-specific changes into 140 characters, or less. My target audience are the average players who aren’t keen on deciphering the patch notes to determine what has changed for their favorite characters.My focus will be primarily for open world PVE players, but will touch on PvP and WvW where relevant.

For more detailed information, please read the main article.


Dagger skills have been given a small touch-up to emphasize the weapons’ identity. Fans of leaping gaps with Magnetic Leap will be sad following the skill’s rework.


Gyros can now be used underwater.


Hammer and mace chain skills are now faster. More quality of life improvements to Torch, and Spirit Weapons, especially Shield of the Avenger.


No major changes. No, this isn’t an episode of Black Mirror..


Reapers will get even more beefy with the changes to Soul Eater, which heals the Reaper by a portion of all damage they deal in melee range.


Druids get more options for healing, but their pets are now weaker overall.


Core Revenants now have more Energy for skills. Healing from the staff and Salvation traitline are getting improvements.


Pistol/Dagger got a nice buff. Daredevils now live up to their name; they deal more damage by sacrificing more of their Dodges.


Berserkers will want to stay in Berserk Mode as long as possible, using Rage skills to extend the duration. Power Berserkers got buffed.

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