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Please revert the GS pull change on Reaper.


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Before, you could reliably pull foes in a relatively wide cone. Now if you pull something from 700 to 900 range, you will most likely only pull 1-2 mobs at best, because the pull "hooks" are now more narrow. For example when doing fotm 99CM and there are 3 kraits in capture circle, in the past you could pull 3 of them just outside and cap quickly like in this video:

Now you can't! Which leads to so much frustration, you basically have to take Spectral Grasp if you want to pull a pack of mobs that previously you could easily pull in a cone in front of you

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Yep, I mentioned that too here:https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/74430/the-un-needed-nerf-of-reaper-touch

GS5 got a hidden nerf because they did not increase the animation speed for the higher travel distance (it's easier to dodge now) and they did not adjust the cone so that the pull covers a smaller area in terms of wideness.

Incompetent rework to say the least.

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