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The Departing search for weapons

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@crOwdcOntrOller.7213 said:Where do I find a weapon to continue in The Departing story quest? The crates are coming up empty.

Well this part is kind of funny as all of the objects I randomly stumbled upon were not glowing nor indicating in any way that they can be looted.Usualy, if you come near for a example a crate, it will get that sort of orange/silver lining arounds its texture, which is for some reason not happening in the Instance you are talking about.So, basicaly search for any crate or pile of rubish and smash Action/Use key like Crazy cause they are actually lootable. Also there is more of those Crates than the ones the Asura guy is standing next to, so don't worry, it IS there.

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@Fluffball.8307 said:I made the mistake of thinking there was only one crate near the asura. You can search in multiple locations there.

Yeah, that was poor design/very misleading. I believed the crates when they told me 2x there was nothing in them and I left only to wander for a stupid amount of time not finding anything.

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