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European GvG Tournament: Battle of The Mists

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Hey everyone! We are excited to announce the European GvG Tournament - Battle of The Mists!

It's been almost a year since GvG League was organized; since then, we have seen two 15v15 draft tournaments (Core - HoT) and the NA GvG Tournament... It's been the acceptance of the community towards these competitions and our will to keep organizing new events for the Gw2 Community what has lead us to build, slowly, Battle of The Mists.Unlike we did in the past, this time we have not worked alone. From the very beginning, we've sought the support and collaboration of the European GvG community, both from the "Guilds of The Mists" organizers, Roy and Domi (european discord community server) and also from the strongest European guild leaders. Our goal has always been, and will continue to be, to create quality content for the GW2 community, and it is for us an obligation and a pleasure to fit all kinds of constructive criticism and grow based on experience.A huge difficulty leap is coming for us. Until now, our events had focused on relatively small groups of people, our target were individual players or groups of two players ... This time we are talking about 15 players per team; hundreds players that will be measured in the different battlefields of The Mists, fighting to get some of the incredible prizes that Arenanet has put at our disposal.

**- More than 24k gem prizes (1200 Gems x15 - 1st team // 400 Gems x15 - 2nd team).

  • Several 400 Gems codes that will be randomly given away to the Tournament contestants.
  • 3rd place will also receive a gold prize.**

Tournament will be starting on May 9th!!To sign up send a mail to: zaroki.gw2@gmail.com , and all the info will be given.

There's still a lot to announce, such as Teams taking part on it, duration... If you want to stay updated follow us on Twitter (ESP/ENG): https://twitter.com/BattleEfficien1If you want to get some extra info about the tournament, check our website: https://www.battlefficiency.eu/en/battle-of-the-mists-en

Rules have been dropped at: https://www.battlefficiency.eu/en/battle-of-the-mists-en/

Reddit Post: https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/bj5kwj/european_gvg_tournament_battle_of_the_mists/

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