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Warclaw Superior Battle Maul infinite cooldown loop

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Not sure what triggers it, but it can go in an infinite cooldown loop now.Additional info: it persists even after dismounting or using waypoints. Most likely goes away with map change but have not tried (yes, just tried it).Just to clarify what exactly I mean by infinite cooldown loop:Superior battle maul goes on cooldown..3...2....1 - this is where you are supposed to be able to use it again, but the moment it resets, it goes immediately to 3..2..1.. rinse&repeat forever.

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@"DemonSeed.3528" said:I should have recorded a video of it happening, because I did not have aa enabled on maul, unless it doesn't show the arrow/highlight like it usually does for other skills. When this happens I'm also unable to use my manual dismount key.

correct it doesnt show the highlight on the skill, its basically hidden activated AA.

edit:there you go.

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