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Raising Skyscale - Skyscale Treats. one Treat disappeared and doesnt drop anymore

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Hello!i just collected every single item from the raising skyscales Collection.after that i went to suns Refuge and fed my skyscale the skyscale meat.

then i thought, ok lets also feed all the treats. so i spammed the button to give them to my skyscale.after i finished, i looked into my Collection and was surprised: the treat-collection wasnt complete, one treat was missing.

so i went to farm the treat again. but i didnt manage do drop the item again.in my first run, i killed 2-15mobs of each to get the treat-item.after 10 minutes of trying to drop the item again, i gave up, because it didnt seem, like the item would drop again.

would be great to fix that bug, so i can complete my collection

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@Koryth.1382 said:I had the same trouble

Had? So you somehow fixed it?

@Angela Lance.2803 said:I got the same problem... and it didn't change even after reset... so I'm stuck

Yeah well. I bugged it on Friday, fed my 3 meats per day.So today is the last day for me to complete the raising skyscales but I cannot due to this bug

To keep everyone updated. Didn't get a reply from support yet, but I guess they have a lot to do, after the most recent release of the latest episode.

Also nothing in game update notes.

Would be best if I just get an email with the item from support.But honestly, I wouldn't mind farming this one item, or all the items from treats again.But I wanna get some progression!

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Hey all! As OP didn't say what ended up working:

After talking to GM Mikberly (Thank you <3 ) and feeling dumb for not realizing how simple it was, you actually don't need to farm more. What you can give is Pieces of Skyscale Food. It can be crafted in the Mystic Forge or bought at BLT for 2+ gold (what's priced for me atm).

Hope this helps anyone else who was stuck at this point, and can now finally progress to their Skycale <3 <3 <3

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