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New Hairstyles & Sylvari Beards! *Please*

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New hairstyles & new faces, better facial hair & new facial hair for male sylvari. It has been quite some time since we've gotten a good update to cosmetics that didn't involve 50 shades of... blue.I'd like to see Gw1 hairstyles brought into GW2, there were some amazing ones for female characters compared to the lackluster ones we recieved in Gw2.My criticism is mostly from the fact that the hairstyles are lackluster or too anime looking, when this isn't an anime themed MMO like Blade & Soul (even they have better hairstyles & wigs than Gw2)Many of the female hairs for humans are shared from norn so they don't quite sit right on human models or they expose a huge forehead. Female hairs lack real style & for the love of Melandru; BANGS. Sideswoops/ blunt & jagged bangs. Many Gw1 hairs had these aesthetics. Gw1 Hairs had style

Male Sylvari lack beards. I'm sure they are capable of growing a hedge on their face. They could use some long hairs that don't look hipster & short hairs that look like roots & cactus spikes.

Female Norn - Lack a beautiful curly long hair(like a She-Ra) & they still lack more Norse-themed hairs.Male Norn- Can they please have a serious handlebar mustache this time?

Charr - Their necks are long so their manes can resemble Horse Manes, I'd like to see more Olmakahn themed hairstyles which we don't have- but it would be nice to see what they'd look like. As long as they aren't saiyan hair.

What would you like to see?

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