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Skritt Burglar Hunt - 1st june, 12h30 pm UTC [EU]

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For once, I won't talk about some branded vabbian meta.

I know that most of you are very busy exploring an island that has recently fallen into the middle of the infinite ocean. I know you prefer to hear about flying scales and glowing dragons, but I suggest you take a break from all this. I suggest you come and hunt a rat you already know well but with whom you may still have some ongoing and unfinished business. I suggest you to join as much adventurers as possible to hunt the awesome, the legendary, the more-than-shiny caffeinated skritt burglar !

I will meet you at the gates of the Elonian desert on Saturday, June 1st, at 12:30 p.m. UTC (2:30 p.m. French time) to find the running rat.

We will divide our squad into groups and spread out across the whole continent. A simple call will allow all those present to join the lucky one who will find the hiding place of this thief.

Requirements :

  • To have all Elonian zones WP unlocked
  • Or have a sufficient number of TP to a friend
  • Coming with a profession that has not finished its specialization collection
  • Or come because you want to help us and participate in this epic quest. <3

Once the rat found, everyone will be able to change characters in order to start again and validate this chase for a new collection.I hope to find many of you in Amnoon on June 1st.

Yours, MJ.


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