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Renegade issues list


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  1. Summons die instantly in a team fight and sometimes even in 1v1s. If they DO survive they provide a lot of irritating visual noise.
  2. F1, F2, and F3 are not worth the Energy and would probably be only just OK if they had Free energy cost
  3. Brutal Momentum (3rd Minor) is only good if you +1ing someone and not being focused, otherwise you almost never gain the crit bonus. I would change to "if your endurance is above half"
  4. SB1 has too many particle effects which obscure important enemy animations.
  5. SB2 is completely useless when firing at a moving target (which, in PvP is all the time)
  6. SB3 is cool except that it's not worth the energy cost unless it lands, which is almost never since you have to be exactly the right distance away and aimed in the right direction AND the enemy can't move an inch. I would change so that it is a targeted skill, but will only land all arrows if the target is between 700 and 900 units away.
  7. SB4 is cool except that it is weird to use and feels awkward since you can't aim behind you. Other similar skills will turn your character to fire if you aim behind yourself; not this skill.
  8. Lasting Legacy and Vindication are too similar in their goals and should be further differentiated so players have a choice. As it stands, players will always choose whichever one gives more damage
  9. Heartpiercer: I feel like SB skills should pierce by default, but maybe this trait is fine once the shortbow is fixed.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something so feel free to add to this list forumites.

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@"Tayga.3192" said:

  1. Stunbreak with cast time on Kalla.

Ah yes, good call.

I also forgot that they should really add some sort of escape functionality on the short bow. This doesn't have to be in the form of an evade like on the hammer, but it should be something that can be used while running away. SB5 is just not reliable and doesn't even give your the escape time needed even when it does land.

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TBH meta renegade at least with kala would be awful. The the kala aoe radii are all massive and result in a stupid amount of screen clutter. Without kala there really isn't anything interesting about the spec, traits are all pretty passive and boring like how kala's fervor can be completely ignored and still keep max stacks most of the time while in combat. Shortbow is just clunky and lacks interesting utility with 3/5 skills being pure damage with other 2 skills not adding much utility. The new f skills feel super filler, and lack any sort of theme, just 2 boon granting skills and a random budget meteor shower. If it is to be viable, completely redesign almost all of it so it doesn't feel so rushed rather than just boosting numbers till it works.

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