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[NA/KN] LFGuild - Casual-ish player looking to learn the ropes of Raids and find a nice community


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Hello! I just got my first ascended weapons recently and I'm really interested in learning how to use them properly. I also am really into Fashion Wars, so learning to do more endgame things will help fuel my addiction. I don't know any other women who play this game, so any guilds with a few is a plus. Otherwise, I would be happy to be part of any chill open minded social group of gamers. I have discord and a pretty consistent work schedule including free weekends. Hit me up!

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Hey there, we are a pretty social guild on NA that have players who dabble in all aspects of this game except for raiding consistently but the intention is there.We are looking to grow and we have goals of getting enough members to do raiding on our own terms.((And we have ladies!! Quite a few, but you usually see me around the most))If you want more info about us, you can either check out:

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