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could 'Denial' also be a sphere of influence of Kalk?


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after replaying starting of War E again for achieve, I find it rather odd that Aurene was unable to resurrect while the branded shards pierced through her, it was only until (or coincidentally?) Caithe started removing the branded crystals Aurene started to return to life.

and any GW1 mesmer player would know that Magic Denial was a super fun way of playing mesmers, and mesmers being associated with the colour purple, the same colour as Kalk and his branded crystal

I'm thinking, what if one of Kalk's sphere of influence is 'Denial'???

the branded crystal is capable of denying other magic from activating, hence it was only when the branded crystals got removed from Aurene that Joko's magic was able to activate and ress her.

also why he continuously trying to deny his inevitable future, despite knowing that does not matter how he struggles against it he cannot change it, only at his dying breath he accepted his fate; which could be the thing that made him insane in the first place, knowing that you have to die for the greater good, but yet your natural instinct wants to live at no matter what the cost is

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Hard to heal flesh when something's in the way. I'm pretty sure that's all it was. Aurene's heart was pierced, and she couldn't force the crystal out herself because of a sudden case of death.

The four schools of magic come from the magic within the Bloodstone, and tie in more to the professions of monk (preservation), necromancer (aggression), elementalist (destruction), and mesmer (denial). Kralk's magic, while sharing the same purple color, has no relation to mesmer magic. That's more Mordremoth's stuff (and a bunch of risen with illusions).

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