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Skyscale Chair - Devs, Please Read!!

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First of All - I really, really want to buy the skyscale chair. But!

It doesn't match the dye (or presumably the skin, when skins are released) of my skyscale mount. Please, if at all possible, make the "chair" follow the player's dye/skin choice! I don't know if the "chair" in this case is a preset model, or if it's something mutable like a command where a model is just selected and animated, and a behavior applied to the player character. If it's the latter, though, please tie the model in to the player's choices! Thanks so much!

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@"Samnang.1879" said:i feel like in order for anet to make a chair like that they'd need to raise the price to 2000 gems or even higher... would yall be willing to pay that amount? the current cost is way too low to have that many functionality.

just being real.

I disagree: the chair and the mount (presumably) both use the same skeleton rigging. Theoretically all they would need to do is tell the game to load the player's mount model rather than the default Skyscale model. That's a matter of coding in a variable. We're not adding "dye" functionality to novelties or anything like that, just using pre-existing assets. If you don't own an exotic skin, it won't use an exotic skin. It would basically just inherit whatever dye/skin the player uses for the mount. There's no need for it to cost more at all.

If someone who doesn't have a skyscale purchases the chair, the game will be assuming the default model for them anyway, so it'd still work. If, however, by nature the "chair" novelties use ..."pre-baked" models with their own specific rigging/skeleton, then we won't see that option at all no matter what the cost and I'll have a sad :c I'm just hoping my request is something the devs can accommodate.

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