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PvE build for main hand Dagger with Weaver - any suggestions?

stone cold.8609

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Before getting into build options, let me clear something up - if it's for raids and and high tier fractals, then Sword has a much higher DPS.

For an Open World build:

I would go full Berserk, however, if sustaining is an issue, you may run some Marauder gear, and Knight if in dire need.

Something like this: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vFAQJAoYhUMoshNNwnB8RsIAYBBgCwB4+VPrv1Fvh2wnE-jBSBQB4RPwCOgAXZ/R5X+0QkQ1fowJAwMKBBwDCIAwBw5NPY+558zP/8zPvrP/8zP/8zP/8zPPA-e

15k HP is already 4k HP over the zero Vitality health pool, that is when Master's Fortitude is traited, if not, then you'll lose 1200 HP and would cap Crit Chance as of Superior Elements' bonus. 70% crit chance and 220% ferocity is really good.

For the runes, it depends on you mainly. Scholar runes for most damage. Strength runes for Might uptime. Pack runes for Swiftness/Fury and boon duration. Vampirism if you want to have a lot of sustain but at the cost of damage. You can also go Fire Legion, but I would pick Sword for this rune.

You pick Fire line for damage, Fire line is a must unless you're able to abuse Fresh Air, which is a Tempest thing. Arcane line will ensure you have boons, potential healing and cleansing when evading in Water attunement, and a shield to block 3 attacks. Weaver line will provide you with HP and damage modifiers: 3-2-1 is for damage with low sustain, 3-3-1 is for more sustain, 3-3-3 is for max sustain. If you would like to drop Arcane line, Air would be your best bet.

Utility skills: Healing Glyph is the best for non-instanced PvE, and maybe for some instance-based ones sometimes - it has a good healing burst. Glyph of Storms is a must - blind in Earth, damage in Fire/Air. Signet of Fire is for Crit Chance. Arcane Shield is optional, you can pick Primordial Stance or Twist of Fate, but Arcane shield kind of mixes them both. The Elite skill could be one of two: Fiery Greatsword for high damage or Glyph of Elementals for solo purposes.

If you're struggling with D/D, I would consider running D/F before swapping out gear.

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I use this buildIt's all fun because every attunements are useful, fire air earth to dps, combo fields, apply weakness and stack mights, water (+ dodge) to cleanse conditions; and not only fire/air. You have more range and kite than sword so "sustain" / armor should not be your issue but you can gear with celestial and take signet of restoration.

Edit: this is open world build. Otherwise for group content you should consider berserker + sword.

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Assuming open world and solo stuff, I use basically the same setup as with sword, whichever I feel like playing. I don't like being 100% glass nor do I like having half of attunements feel worthless, so I go with a more hybrid damage setup and include half celestial. It's not a raid/fractal top dps build, so look elsewhere for that.


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