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this game need more imbalances not less.

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I like the different build sets and even enjoy limitations. If you roll a class build that cant easily stop a DH, then the kill is sweeter.The problem is there needs to be more pvp game modes that give those imbalances a chance to shine.For instance having a sky ship battle. With distructble ships and guns. Tanks can protect the ship and thief's can cross over and fight.Or how about a match crazy storm that winds push you lighting hits you and random flood waters.Ripping off blood bowl would be fun.These need refinements, but each type you can see how different builds would play out. Support classes would have emense value, the aoe traps would not be king at the start of the match.Having smaller fight area in some places.would be great. Think of the mesmer fighting in a 20 ft room. You could even have a dwarven treasure grab. Fighting in small to great halls take gold back.

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While more terrain differences between maps and even some environmental hazards could be kind of fun(I didn't mind how open old Colosseum was for example), nothing as pure cheese as classic Skyhammer where certain classes can and did pull people into instant death pits all game long should be allowed ever again.

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