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Core condi thief build for wvw and sPvP?


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@Joshewwah.2956 said:I've seen some of these been played but I'm unsure of the actual build, what is it?

Core isnt as giod on condi as DD cuz of dodge condi cleanseto be able to cleanse all the condi other classes can and will drop on you you would need at least Acro, Trickery is basically obligatory and if you run core cindi w/o Deadly arts it wont have big enough consi outputThief doesnt have eniugh condi cleanse in its core to be able to both dps witg condi and deal enough condi dmgIf you want to run condi go DaredevilJust to mention it. You will gave to learn it to the letter Condi Thief is hard despite what other pplmight say cuz it is not tic toc build. You must stay close to spam condi on enemy and you gotta know how to survive in that range.

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Thanks. How do you play the D/D in this build? Also if you were to do a p/p variant of this build what would you do? (I've been looking recently at condi p/p)

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On metabattle there is an explanation for this kind of condi variantalthough it looks not that uptodate anymore the general idea still fitshttps://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Thief_-_D/D_Evasive_Condiso use dagger 3 and its evades to survive and apply bleeds while the traps will help with cover condis and cc

I dont think there is a viable p/p condi build as it is more efficent as direct dmg build with its unload burstmaybe with some of the newer stats in WvW where you have a bersi/condi mix option https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Grievingso you would use traps or venoms for condi dmg and pistol 3 for direct dmg burstbut can't see how that would work just too glassy with crippeled direct dmg burst I thinkoh and I am not sure if you even can get those stats as f2p player

you might give https://discord.gg/4u5qqk a try maybe someone there has a somewhat working p/p condi build idea

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