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  1. ppl wont let you be happyespecially if you beat them at something or you beat something they cantthey wont let you be happy so just dont careif you can do it and you can do it well and you get results it is all you need dont ask other ppl for oppinion on ur build if you want discuss why you use what but never want to know what they think of your build
  2. The problem is also communityPpl will try to force you into playing a ceratin build in a certain styleYou may get results with your stuff you may be okay with how you are and where you arebut ppl will simply salt you and be complete kittenface about the fact you do not follow their standards of a game which is atm a POWER builds
  3. The bag of ashes makes me think of chimney sweeper xD A Santa :D
  4. I like the idea of the Thief you put here.But For Dead Balthazars SakeDO NOT CALL IT JUGLER xD As far as banners go I agree with this idea I would simply change it in one perticular manner They will be Bags of Ashes = if we can have a magical sand if those Magic thief lovers would agree (but it is just Math lel) You drop the Bag of Ashes (This is iconic to all the ashes that come from burning stuff with Torch)and cast those offensive or defensive boons on you only (Still just math lel) Lets say Showtime = A bag which gives you swiftness fury and quicknessFlying high = A bag which gives you Acl
  5. Yea discussing it is always nice
  6. NOJust NODear god just NOYou are making a Guardian/Mesmer/Revenant ouf of A THIEFWHY everyone in this game wants Thief to be a mage of some kind? Dont you have EVERY SGINLE OTHER spec in this game already infused and induced and screwed up with magic and its uses?This E-spec has no mobility built in it btw so you are going to be lets be generous 17,5k healthpool Assassing swinging arms around in more or less same spot. Absolutelly vulnerable to any dmg coming at you.All ppl will need to do is interput your casts. Dude that isnt that hard.You will get stacked with tornment for days facing anoth
  7. make all Aa aatacks apply bleed and third strike imobilizes for 0,5 sec
  8. no I havent because i dont like that song and so i just keep on my Black hole halo which i got in my head all day
  9. Hehe, so are you admitting to match manipulation by throwing all your ranked games ? xD GUARDS, TAKE THIS MAN AWAY! Ye fokken manipulator gg permbanThis was the first time i saw you saying something funnyI neh-d have an upvote and a congratz comment
  10. Yeah, the game has gotten too insane on the build level. I seriously think it would be more fun if there were only 10 available builds and players had to choose as they see fit. Imagine if chess had 400 piece types from which the player had to choose the 6 they do play with? What a nightmare, because no normal person can spend the time learning all this stuff. As a rule keep the set pieces simple, but the strategy scaleable. GW2 has this backwards. Besides, does anyone really get excited they won because they had a better build and were able to corner and run down the inferior build? ever
  11. and how could we possibly be sure if ANet has anything planned if ANet will NEVER tell us anything except for the day of Balance Patch when we all anyway tear our hair out while reading even thoseJust asking
  12. There is nothing stealthy, concealable or subtle about Staff either and yet Thief got it. Let me remind you off Gandalf in LotR when he passed guards with only staff and then screweed up possesed Theoden :P Saved possessed Theoden you mean!Besides, the Guards very much noticed the staff and very much wanted him to leave it! But sir McKellen managed to pull of an old guy that's pretending to be an old guy so well they fell for itpretending for sake of masking hoe dangerous of a weapon his staff isERGOmaskibg it as a helping tool for old man he ''was''
  13. There is nothing stealthy, concealable or subtle about Staff either and yet Thief got it. Let me remind you off Gandalf in LotR when he passed guards with only staff and then screweed up possesed Theoden :P
  14. you were in the same asylum as i were? Dear goodness what are the odsxD
  15. And i never got that one from anyone.Which is imo quite sad
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