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When do you, personally, use Continuum Split?


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I understand how the ability works, but I just don't know when is the best time to be using it. It has such a long cooldown that I always feel like I need to keep it for emergencies, and then it rarely gets used because of that. So far, the main thing I use it for is double-casting the healing Well. What do the rest of you do with it? Any game mode is fine; I want to eventually be capable with Mesmer everywhere, anyway.

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I usually use this to double a spell. Mostly for my elite which is gravity well in WvW. I am actually sad that I don't use it for double burst or countering bursts as often as I'd like. I think it's a matter of muscle memory.

Edit: Corrected spelling I was drunk when I wrote this, sorry.

Add: I believe that the most efficient ways to use CS is not always doubling the elite but doubling pressure combos and possibly bursts. E.g.: If I manage to get my opponent to use his defensive cooldowns while I'm in CS, I can follow up with the same rotation/combo while he's on CD. That would be an optimal use of CS imo.

In Zerg fight I rarely use it for something else than gWell as this is one of my only reasons to exist in that gamemode.

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Double gravity well, feels good man.But also to save long cds. For example ooc, u use mass invis in cs, swap to gravity well and kill fkers. U can juke ppl chasing u, by jumping off the edge, using cs right before jump. Double mass invis with double decoy, trying to hide in enemy keep. Easiest effective combo would be gravity well with gs4 in cs.Possibilities are endless

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