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Griffon Dive bugs

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If you hit the ground after invoking the skill 1 attack and do not hit a target, the dismount fails. You and your mount end up in default pose. It can be remedied by mounting and dismounting. ( Note: this problem did not occur until I got the second tier mastery. )

~edit~ This also happens if you contact the ground in level flight while speed boosted.

Also, the skill description in the masteries is inaccurate. It states that the rider can pull out of the dive by using skill 2. This is not correct, though I have not unlocked the final tier yet. Using the backward control or wing flap ends the dive.

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Are you just tapping the Skill 2 (however you have it bound)?Depending on your connection, if a tap doesn't register, to cancel the dive and fly level, try holding it for a moment more. If you want to swoop back up to regain the stored height, you have to press and hold.

If it's still not working and you are doing as above, check your keybind to make sure the key you've used isn't also used by something else. Just in case the keybind is trying to do the other action and not the griffon action.

Hope those suggestions help :)

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