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  1. My ideal Mesmer would be something like those of the White Mantle.
  2. I main Mesmer. I've recently tried out mechanist. No I dislike the concept of engineer. However the difference in playability and effectiveness makes it hard to log in on Mesmer.
  3. I have recently returned to GW2 after a break. Just to see how the other half lives, I temporarily set aside my beloved main class and took up a more popular one. The difference is night and day. The ease of play and effectiveness, the reliable pathfinding, the utility I can bring to the table,( with build swapping,) and the easy DPS are astonishing. I'd pay for another expansion to have this kind of playability on my main. In my opinion, there is a hierarchy of classes, as the Quality Of Life demonstrates clearly . That's not the way things should be.
  4. I think you are deliberately trying to get Virtuoso nerfed. Despite your assertions, Virtuoso is a nerf to Mesmer and was intended to be so.
  5. Yes, I think ANET has some animus toward Mesmer.
  6. I'd support this.. except that core Mesmer was gutted with the removal of clone death traits.
  7. That's complete and utter fiction.
  8. Funny, I said the same pre-release and got laughed at. ANET basically implemented their wish list of Mesmer nerfs.
  9. What is this alleged killer build? Cos... the thing I want most from GW2 is to be a successful PvP Mesmer.
  10. Core Mesmer is essentially a Ritualist with very weak spirits. It's been in the game from the start.
  11. I'm currently 10/14 on my collection for for "Prima Donna." ( Even though the actual weapon is condi spec'd and therefore inappropriate for Virtuoso ) The primary obstacle is catching a "Giant Gourami" in DE. I've "caught" quite a few Gourami.. and tried various baits and times of day in the quarry. No success so far. Is there a specific favored bait or time of day? Do I have to level up fishing? ( I hope not as this mastery is not a priority.) Is there a specific spot? One player in map chat had "caught" 2 but would only say that the quarry was the spot. EDIT: I just caught one using glow worms at dusk at a quarry hotspot.
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