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Gold lost on auction house

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I was buyng the items necessary to complete the Dragon hatchling doll off the trading post. When I clicked on the Dragon hatchling Doll Frame to buy (jsut one) it suddenly switched from 1 quantity to multiple ( I didnt see how many) Then it confirmed the purchase and i ended up with about 50 frames and lost over 400 gold. This sort of thing has never happended before. Whenever I buy something of the TP it is always listed as 1 quantity by default unless you change it manually. I did not change the quantity yet it still changed to loads and the sale went through without giving me a chance to change it back.

Is there any possibility of getting my gold back or am I just s*** out of luck?

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You bought from other players, you expect anet to take gold from them then reinmburst their listing+ sales tax in addition to give them the frames back?It will most likely not happen mate, eat the cost it will be when you sell them to either buy orders or list them yourself and wait.

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