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Mist Stranger Outfit white edges of "skirt" piece texture/dye channel wrong?

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There are two edges of the right (as worn) side of the pants/skirt piece that doesn't seem to respond to dyes, is default white, but shows a texture that shows through a darker color?There is no way to make it look good with dark colors and it really stands out and looks like a mistake. Can other people take a look at this and confirm? It's super reflective and glaring in game. The pictures below actually don't really completely do it justice.EDIT: More info. On the character select screen it looks perfectly fine and you can tell what it's supposed to be. It's supposed to be the underside of the cloth rolled up and DARKER than the cloth on that side. Totally doesn't look like that in game. Added pic of character screen at bottom.Also, I tried all the combinations of graphics settings to see if it made a difference and it did not.Looking at it even more closely I think the inside of the hood might have the same reflectivity/color issues as the underside of the fabric.zr64VPQ.pnglEBHoT8.pngPzhYnea.png

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