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What's a good versatile wvw build?

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@aetemes.2603 said:I have all classes at level 80. I want a build that's useful both at roaming soloing camps/effective in zergs and actually helps the zerg noy just add a body?.

Thoughts? Celestial Scourge/Ele? Thank you!

Celestial Ele is a no go and Cele Scourge kinda works but its not optimal. I would suggest Spellbreaker or Rev, although I don't play Spellbreaker much I believe they use the same armour stats for roaming and zerging but not 100% sure

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"Effective" in zergs hmmm...

Well, there basicly are these builds in zergs nowadays: power rev and scourge, minstrel firebrand and scrapper.

Thats it. Spellbreakers have long since been pushed out in the cold again even if they are still listed as meta and others have minor roles (meteor shower ele, that one mesmer with veil for when the com forget there are scrappers).

Out of them, you can scratch the fb and scrapper unless you entirely rebuild them for roaming. You'll fall asleep trying to take a camp.

Which only leaves the rev and scourge. Learn to play both good and it'll be "ok" for a scourge and "top tier dualist" for the rev, with only minor weapon swaps.

If we take into account build and gear swaps and being "effective" then literally any class except ranger works. Because everybody hates on rangers.

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