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  1. Elementalist: "We felt Staff was doing a bit too much than what it should be doing and have bought some skills more in line while increasing damage on other weapons to be better. Meteor shower: Coefficient changed from 0.8 to 0.5 Shatterstone: Increased damage by 3%
  2. It was nerfed because of PvE, any player that stands in a AoE like lava font should really get punished for it, AI can't be taught something so simple however
  3. Eles role is annoying people when they use vapor form when downed and go inside portal so they cant be killed
  4. a hammer train of full glass melee eles?
  5. it's possible, do you remember how many Vulnerability stacks you had? what class were you when you got hit? what armour did you have? Do you know what armour and buffs the Catalyst had as well? what boons did you have? and so on
  6. It's patches like this that should make you glad they didnt touch ranger
  7. They usually show it off on Friday before the patch on Tuesday
  8. Yep, as ele main I enjoy seeing everyone else suffer in pain and sorrow
  9. It's fine we all play it for the memes
  10. Careful, they might change the damage coefficient of jade sphere to 0.01% in PvE next patch too
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