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  1. are you sure they would know how to make a new game?
  2. I predict Arcane wave being changed after two weeks of release to something utterly dead
  3. yee, making a condi weapon with 0 condi in air attunement, makes it seem so useful and one of the most important changes they make is that Piercing pebble now pierces
  4. its alright, Piercing pebble now pierces With the name itself, I would of expected it to pierce without being told that it has been changed to pierce
  5. Cata living rent free in your head
  6. An Elementalist with a staff, Devs really don't know their own game
  7. It's already been renamed to Meteor Sprinkle
  8. No reason to use staff weaver aside from maybe WvW Changes should be made +1% damage increase on certain skills -1% on others
  9. I didn't mention that ele had to run from thief specifically, it's just easier for a thief to get out of a bad situation
  10. I mean, if thief gets revealed, it can just legit runaway and try again, Ele doesn't really have the tools to disengage so easily
  11. PvP sub-forum is littered with class specific changes. Like this from yourself
  12. we should nerf sword necro by nerfing everything but sword
  13. Dunno, happily played with friends back in S1-4, tried S5 out when it was DuoQ (I mostly solo qued it and was platinum), got pretty bored of it and haven't played since, I'll just stick to WvW and play with the people I want to
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