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  1. Nah, Bots are annoying, just remove the gold from ranked and problem solved
  2. Anet doesn't work like that, as much sense it makes, if Herald and Renegade are doing well then people will want to buy the expansions, not so much if core was better
  3. If you complain about it enough, i'm sure anet will nerf it eventually
  4. Don't forget to add a damage reduction of 10% per hit too
  5. Who brings aurashare tempest when you can have scrapper cleanse for days with literally every boon possible, aswell as the heals, Superspeed and stealth.. Auras really make up for that right? Chilling fog is just free alacrity these days.. that's how bad it's become The fact you are basing that ele is strong due to benchmarks on a golem shows your lack of understanding.
  6. This is the main issue.. Weaver would be god mode if the raid bosses were just like golems that stand still, do nothing and Weaver has the 7 boons that SC say to have but that would be boring really and since each boss does something different, other classes are better , easier and give boons or buffs that Ele in general does not
  7. Elementalist We feel that the elementalist has been in a very good place since the July 2020 balance update. Both Tempests and Weavers have effective high damage power and condition damage builds available, while the Tempest is also powerful in a support role. nope, you are wrong, tempest is powerful hurr durr
  8. Careful what you say here, mods might remove if it receives too much negativity Very dull, pretty boring, all of a sudden we can kill both dragons when apparently we couldn't, gw2 story not worth to get the expansion, subbing for FFXIV and will probably buy Endwalker when it comes out this year.
  9. Because what will probably be the case is you can store 2 legendary items for free and to get the rest done you will need gems
  10. Tempest support is good if your training a group of first timers in a raid, but for endgame content, Tempest is overshadowed by Firebrand, Renegade and Ranger (I say ranger because Spirits are core based)
  11. Except it wont be because Tempest lacks any offensive boons or buffs which Ranger,Firebrand and Renegade do. I dont understand why Anet can't give tempest access to Quickness or Alacrity
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