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What build is WP running in this video?


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Mesmer has a lot of different build options that work fairly nice with these two traitlines, I prefer Sword over Scepter with Ineptitude myself. Clone generation is largely linked to using Mirage Thrust and Mirrors to enable more thrusts and thus more clones. It ends up feeling very similar, if a bit more agressive and with a touch more mobility. Illusionary Counter on Scepter I like better than Blurred Frenzy, but they both fill a very similar role; counter sometimes glitches if another skill is queued and fails to make clones on occasion (which greatly reduces it’s reliability to me).

I think one or the other is very much preference, based on how one plays. Feels like the skill cap with Sword is higher, with better potential payoff, though perhaps more risky since it does put one in melee range.

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