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Stabilising WvW server Migration

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Great News that you have opened "Practically" every EU server this week, it certainly answers many of the forum/reddit complaints, and helps people/guilds on many servers

In terms of future stabilisation of WvW servers:

Why Not keep all servers closed for 3 months, then open them ALL for 4-5 day period to allow guilds/people to move IF they are unhappy.Then you close it again (for 3 month's), You can then relink the servers as you will know how to Balance them (for the following 3 month Lockdown) and it cannot be exploited by mass migration to another server as soon as a relink is announced.This would make WvW more balanced and fairer, whilst allowing people a time-gated transfer period should they wish to move.

PS. Please stop with wvw gimmicks such as skill swop/golems & mobile canons.Bring back the Old season's (Gold Dolly finisher etc) with a buffed reward track/AP system.Many Thanks

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