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  1. plenty of guilds in wvw. if you're fortunate u might only get 2 guilds catching you with your pants down as you turn a corner!
  2. don't forget to get that GvG guild tatted on your lower back. it adds 10% skill!
  3. Did you miss the memo? GvG scence consistently dies every year before wvw.
  4. make shield gen skill 1 reveal stealth around 600 area. spam the light!
  5. So does life. Please level up that navy seal LARPING skillset and apply it to wvw.
  6. We still have 3 originals on a roster of 75 turnover is inevitable. can't hang onto the past when you're trying to become a legend! congrats dude
  7. perhaps take your hand out of your pocket!
  8. We need a "Ranger Danger" Title too. 250k times kicked from squad gets u the achievement.
  9. You win the chance to run away from any fight you might loose, have a free pass over any wvw zone with no fear of getting killed, you win an extra hp bar and 3 dodges- Why would I want to engage in a fight I might lose? I would rather escape and come back with more allies for an assured victory!
  10. Would definitely recommend doing GvGs. It's a more controlled environment. There's less to worry about and you can just tunnel vision on the circle with your rotations. There's not a map queue trying to snipe you, only 15 dudes if that, nor a second squad trying to ajam, or a squad stealth bombing out of a blind corner. You can just focus on your rotations and reactions. There's also more downtime in gvgs too. The intros to gvg vids tend to be longer than the whole gvg and you get some dank music to go along with it. more likely the issue, is you need to ask the party that's complaining about
  11. different servers have different time zone strengths. just need to figure out when your stronger guilds are on to chase the middle fort dreams.
  12. RIP end game. best puglife meta introduced by anet.
  13. Name 1 guild that doesn't play like that? Ajamming montages have been meta since launch.
  14. my man in here. i just contacted arcdps tech support. he's advised me on the trick to topping the dps charts, it works with any build and any class you want too! 1) Step 1- buy commander tag for 300g2) Step 2 - create squad3) Step 3 - close squad before people can join.4) Step 4 - Rejoice in your top dps!
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