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Nivida shield TV

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My pc is due for a massive upgrade so I'm just looking for alternatives as my wife says the decktop is an eyesore in the room, so I was wondering about cloud gaming, I've already got the nivida cloud gaming key, but I was wondering if anyone uses the shield TV and if you can use it to play guild War 2. Any advice on how to play this game without a pc would be great.

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@Dajas.4715 said:Lol... Yeah it's tempting, the amount off money I'd save I could get a high end rig, alas that is not an option, this is why I'm trying to explore different option.When did compromising become a good thing ?

Never ?

I have no idea the answer to your question however there were several fairly recent topics on cloud gaming. Might be worth a search whilst you wait for more specific replies

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