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Yet another Death Magic idea


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Death Magic should focus less on toughness, which isn't a particular useful stats for Necromancers, and should focus more on Protection and damage reduction based on your foes conditions. Furthermore it should focus on one of the main weakness of Necromancer, which is its poor anti-crowd control tools, and therefore it should focus on Stability and stun breaks.

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@"Alchimist.4738" said:Death Magic should focus less on toughness, which isn't a particular useful stats for Necromancers

Well strictly speaking toughness isn't particularly useful for any profession. And ironically, If anything, the necromancers would be the profession that can make the best use out of toughness due to it's large natural health pool.

The issue is mainly that toughness isn't a great stat in GW2 due to how the game work.

As for DM itself, it's main issue is that it's heavily focused on minions, otherwise, the traitline is "almost there" at the moment. More protection wouldn't do any good, the amount of protection output of the necromancer is already fine, as for damage reduction based on your foe's condition, it objectively isn't an especially popular option I don't think pushing more toward this kind of effect would do any good to the traitline.

Ultimately what the traitline really need is to switch the focus from "minions are what make the necromancer's DM specialization strong" to "the DM necromancer is a specialization that make minions/allies strong". Thematically, the traitline is way more fitting to be support oriented than blood magic.

It always baffled me that a profession that can summon things to do it's biding ended up doing itself the work and having it's summon cheering him up from behind. It's totally anticlimatic and DM traitline just support and enforce this whole idea. That said, the way minions have been implemented is probably the reason behind this fiasco and now it's to late to correct the mess leaving us with a traitline that still try make thing work and minions and their active skills that are hardly worth using in the game.

I would have loved to have an F2 that can be toggled to periodically spawn jagged horror while in combat at an LF upkeep cost instead of these godforsaken minion skills and death nova traits. Now that scourge is a this ought to be a pipe dream to see this on core.

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