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Any scraps fought thieves? What's going on there?


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I play a support/bruiser still.I wanted to see how bad/good it still was.

Im fighting thieves that almost beat me...not because of skill. Im not playing plat 2.They didn't get better all of a sudden.

Just curious if any of you engies also main Thief and why a thief can no suddenly stand in my face all day and tank all my dmg.Don't tell me it's because my dmg is low. That hasn't changed for my build.

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@Eastcorn.5901 said:What weapon set are they using? With Sword and the new Shadow Arts line you can get some solid healing on shadow step casts.

In the 4 games I played earlier, one was pistol/pistol rifle deOne was sw/d.

I know I don't do much dmg as is...it's just not often that the 'Bruiser/Healer' almost dies to the squishies.It shouldn't even be close.

If I'm on a node, most will see if they can down me and then just leave. /futility

Maybe it's a combination of the nerfs to engie and the buffs they received. /shrugfk I dont know...lol maybe it's in my head.

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