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Berserker Condi


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I have been playing around with a condi berserker in WvW for a bit and have a pretty decent build but still struggling a bit against opponents that kite and it lacks escape. I struggled against strong condi builds earlier in the design and I went a little nuts on the condi removal. I haven't really found a great heal and the utilities can probably be better. Mace has been so-so but I like the defense with Skull Grinder really laying out players.

Here is the build:


Anyway, any thoughts on improving the build?

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I've been trying this in pvp http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vJAQNAseTnMdAVhgdeAmkCElilrADJAkASdK5gWXN4d0eabtA-jZhAQBA4JA0hTAgGOEAwY/hiWGAA it still needs something or just everything is way too spammy, but it beats up spellbreakers easy. I also tried something with tactics instead of defense with shouts but it also feels somewhat off.Too bad there is no wizard stat set in the game though.

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