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  1. When, the 2020 patch dropped I thought to myself, they finally made a tool to control all the skills numerically with ease so they can roll changes faster since the patch was huge. But by the looks of it they kittening hard coded that kitten and it probably took the same time to go over everything by hand that could have been made futureproof with some basic CRM tool so a single person can change the numbers every week if they want to. It seems that at the time of the lay offs anet lost the people that knew how the profession gameplay mechanics worked and how they could be changed, so the
  2. You bet your sweet bippy it will get MH pistol and the whole captain concept and I bet they will swipe the combat Mount and mash it together to create the UBER GUARDIAN.
  3. Only the Guardian devs scroll the warrior (maybe the mesmer devs also, that virtuoso has burst skills) and are like "write that down write that down", while who ever is in charge of warrior hates us here, which is kinda fair cause well the whole section is about the bad job they do. That spite won't help them though since if warrior is kitten in pvp on steam release they are going to lose out too much, like that time Summit came to play GW2 but everyone farmed him since he played warrior and he dropped the game.
  4. The quickness is quite strange on Harbinger, like if you look at the other necro spec that has quickness and all the drawbacks with it like really slow cast times melee and on top of that it is just self buff not group. Even when you compare the skills that have the same function the heavily telegraphed single target stun vs the almost 0 telegraph float it really looks like who ever does the designs does not follow their own rules and doesn't learn from past errors.
  5. Sidenodes have not been about killing each other since Anet nerfed Spellbreaker 2019 or 2018 I don't remember anymore its one big boring blob. It is all about who is more annoying and who can cc / sustain for longer till the gank squad comes over. That is how the "pro" players play it in AT and so Anet designed it that way to cater to 50 boring people. Virtuoso might reach critical mass like Staff Mirage it couldn't kill you if you didn't stay but if you were not a bunker spec with condi cleanse you could not take the node cause at some point you got overwhelmed.
  6. Make the defiance bar damage on shield bash more it is a single target cc. Being little bit greedy but totally balanced since it is on other specs deemed not OP, longer range on the leap and a dodge like https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Counterattack_Kick.
  7. It is recurring All the new specs are OP, but the old builds get nerfed before hand so the new ones sell and blast your kitten off. First on the chain are Necro and Guardian since they are the go to WvW zerg specs AoE circles boons and corrupts. After the FOTM gets nerfed enough the other new OP specs start to pop off since someone didn't bother designing the specs for PVP properly. I bet the previous cycle will somewhat repeat and Virtuoso and Bladesworn would be deemed OP when the Roamer spam Ball gets nerfed out and you and your 4 best friends can't spam your skills at the same time over
  8. I still wish the adrenaline gain from being hit to be minor instead of being on cleansing ire, Rousing Reslience is great as is 1000 toughness is exactly 33% damage reduction like protection and it is unremovable. We have talk this over and over, the line needs protection barrier and resolution and Adrenal health to be the main mechanic of the traitline, actually they should baseline some stuff like adrenal health since core warrior doesn't have any baseline stuff like other professions (caught guardian, thief, necro). Imagine if thief worked like warrior it had to go and get a traitline to be
  9. Big issue is the Group quickness, there is not much investment for it and just makes every other build around it do kitten ton of damage, there is a reason quickness was nerfed in PVP, you can't dodge most of the attacks because of it. There is another quickness group provider in scrapper but it is harder to pull off with the gyros over the i go in shroud everyone gets quickness .
  10. Well yeah Soulbeast is basically every warrior build ever just by changing your pet with extra useful longbow.
  11. Allot of players will default to Warrior or ranger over the fancy dark mage or paladins, since the uga buga classes are usually good entry to the game and usually are good to great in all modes in other games. The issue is that the uga buga Warrior is not uga buga but technical and kind of subpar currently since ANET still thinks it is mash buttons spec and not playing chess spec.
  12. "All game modes", it is borderline useless. Also stop saying marketing, it is description of the profession in the class select, it basically states it the best profession for hitting stuff with a stick and winning, but it has not been true for a long long time, so the description is wrong and does not convey what is the purpose of warrior.
  13. Well yes cause it sucks, since the design "balance" got butchered over time. "Unmatched stat stick expertise" would probably fit better till the banner rework.
  14. But it's not marketing fluff it is description what the profession does.
  15. If you put some imagination in the interpretation, you can say that they mean that warrior should be able to use its weapon skills the best out of all professions while the slot skills are not that amazing, which seems to be the base design idea. The issue seems that the weapon skills are worse than almost every other profession and even the "best" weapons have some dud skills.
  16. They must've forgot,lol. We are back at "forgetting our own rules" and making some professions the exception and stronger for that while other professions sit with 5, 6 year old nerfs that make no sense in current day. "We baselined everything one patch ago, but we are breaking that rule now without cleaning the old kitten even though it didn't work out"
  17. They gave one to bladesworn it is the most garbage filler skill there is, solves a problem they created while not being that useful as a skill also you have to go to hoops to use a teleport on warrior. So any other teleports they add to warrior will be kitten like that, since who ever is in charge of the skill design of warrior is kitten at the game.
  18. I think sundering leap should have longer range but also be on one the amo system 2 charges at least and spawn something like Unsteady Ground for 2 seconds or something so you get chase potential and put people in position to fight you by cutting their escape path. Shattering Blow should be either flip block skill like Counterattack/Imperial guard on ranger/rev or a group frontal cone block skill like photon wall or Shield of Courage, the drawback since anet loves doing that to warrior channel skill that you can double tap to do the shatter part of the skill. Outrage needs less cd in
  19. Just to pitch in Dual wield is pretty garbage trait, you gain attacks speed but if you have quickness it does nothing since it doesn't stack, fun part it doesn't stack with the berserker attack speed(which also gets overridden by quickness) , so what i think is that it should give the attack speed by default and when you gain quickness it gives you bonus damage be it percentile or flat stat power/ferocity depending on how much you lose for picking the trait when you have quickness, 20% seems fine, this also applies to berserk 15%. Kinda lame that no one even bothered to make a kitte
  20. @Kuma.1503 The only way I see fixing core engi is applying the Necro principle, your core mechanic is changed for each elite spec, they did that with mechanist little late but i guess it is fine they are thinking about it. For that to happen the tool belt skills get buffed the kitten out, while getting nuked from scrapper and holo. Holo is almost there it has the Forge maybe some toolbelt skills that are Holo oriented exceeds that support the forge mechanic, while Scrapper gets the gyros as toolbelt skills, it already has to run them to get any advantage from the spec so cut the mid
  21. Virtuoso is in the same boat as sidenode spellbreaker little bit better since it can burst down someone in a teamfight from range. They share similar issues since they are both kill specs and the core traitlines are kinda kitten so the scallings are off and can't kill much , while the sidenode meta is all about slow kitten pool noodling with the occasional spike damage on int sigil or some kitten like that while waiting for +1(or +2 with all the nonsense mobility on everything) . Virtuoso is basically the mesmer/warrior combo burst skills with pseudo adrenaline "blades", while spellbrea
  22. @Multicolorhipster.9751 Anet could add some ranking system to the AT system and maybe to some other private tournaments like League of Legends does it and even add the phone verification. AT system might be annoying because it is on set hours, but it somewhat solves the issue of Teams not queueing in each other to keep their rank, since if we have normal team queue we will reach the same issue as duo queue of people playing asynchronous multiplayer and dodging each other while the MAT is winner takes all. There is sometimes foul play in MATs sometimes but it is way easier to track over do
  23. @Multicolorhipster.9751 Armored attack is the best one since it gives 100 power, it is kinda kitten but is something, the mace trait is bad since it didn't get the usefulness weapon traits rework and only works for mace on top of that it doesn't work with the burst skill and it is only useful for off hand mace Tremor and it makes it 3.6 seconds knockdown from 3 seconds, pommel bash becomes 1.2 seconds from 1 . So Sundering Mace is a garbage trait for a weapon with bad skills.
  24. Anything that relies on projectile ranged attacks, lazer types ranged attacks are not stopped by magnetic aura, ranged AoE also, Static aura kittens you though.
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