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  1. In my games this season warrior does seem great at sidenodes, especially when no one is sidenoding these days, everyone is a roamer, there are no condi builds for some reason even though core necro is meta and it enables them so no mirages , weavers, trapper rangers or even burn guards weird and nothing has changed. Those plat to legend warrior mains seem quite OP considering that they are stuck in gold level matches with people that can't rotate for kitten , i only hope warrior doesn't get another nerf since its beating up with a stick the roamer monkeys.
  2. Stealth issue is connected to the client desync, while on screen of the thief player he is not stealthed when he does the hit, the other player might eat several attacks before the thief even appears on his screen, ill be blasphemous for thieves and say that this could fixed with little bit longer cast times and desthealthing in the before the attack connects. There is other ways that stealth that could be implemented to be fair like in other games that solved and were cautious with the mechanic, but i do not think anet will ever redesign it. My big gripe with thief is that nothing really co
  3. Could be a drop hack, there are enough small pp people out there. Also it could be the directx 11 crashes. Engi can crash the game for other people on dx 11 , scrapper to be exact with Function Gyro though my game has crashed from Holo throwing grenades at me a few times but scrapper is consistent., there is also the Jades winds from rev into stealthed thief crash that sometimes happens even without dx11. There could be several other profession skill interactions that happen but i don't off.
  4. They started to color code them at one point red bad blue good, but went minimalistic(little outline at the bottom of the aoe circle) and dropped the whole thing after the partch.
  5. Personal experience, people testing it on smurf accounts and posting it on the forum and most importantly the algorithm , under second phase. Normally it should work but external factors change the outcome too much, low pop , match manipulation tactics, afk and what not. It has reached a point where to be able to stay in some numeric region you would have to have over 60 % win rate at some cases like the one loss being equal to 2 wins, since you lose more points just because the MM decided that since you are higher up you are supposed to carry and win the game even though the players with you
  6. To add to your test if you do that on old account you will be actively punished by the game matchmaker and it will try to drag you to G2. Fresh accounts seem to get boosts and you get allot of newbs in plat all the while older players are actively punished for playing on old account, like the game wants you to smurf, which i think is no fun for anyone, maybe it is to sell more game boxes idk. Personal observation of mine no one wants to sidenode, most people can't rotate for kitten, most people can't do damage and most players can't decap since they can't count and do this hover around the
  7. @Lan Deathrider.5910 Main issue on warrior is that it does not have multiple consistent kill condition moves on one build like ranger or holo, you have to sacrifice something defense or damage, both of these do not do that. To be as effective as them you need defensive abilities block and dodge on one weapon while also having mobility skill and one skill that does over the average 4k strong attack damage, both weapon sets have to do that, holo and ranger get extra with the ranged attacks also. Ranger has rapid fire, maul into smokescale assault world impact on the LB/GS set, warrior has GS
  8. Every time i see the kitten 50% damage reduction nerf, i'm more and more convinced that people don't play anything outside their one main character. First of all this got nerfed in the reduction stacking change patch it didn't do much since people suck a the game and know kitten all anyway, second if it passes it gets kittened forever and after some big changes patches where that class turns kinda garbage it won't get reverted, the poster boy for that is Warrior grand idea to nerf defense for spellbreaker and then spellbreaker "amazing" balance, but no one cares that is out since it is not the
  9. When arenanet reworked sigils and runes they should have rolled them all in jewelcrafting , basically making it the item mod skill , since it has always been trinkets and item mods but the mods are useless for level 80. Maybe they should add some infusions to the list trough Jewelcrafting.
  10. The fun bit is that only Rampage could kill anything at all even in the most powercrept meta since it wasn't only the damage that was sky high but also defense options to the point that you can take a dumb kitten build and just do pve rotation but on defensive buttons and win. If you think about it the sidenodes never have duel to the death if there there isn't warrior in the meta, it was either bunkers or some kind of FOTM cheese that couldn't be countered. Even the mighty Spelbreaker was susceptible to ganks, everything after the heavy handed nerfs has been swinging to bunkers or cheese.
  11. My favourite is when it decides that it has to go to space.
  12. Cause it is boring and weaving the cast times on banner and picking them up breaks the flow of the dps rotation and quite franckly it is not even "support" since you take the banner trait for the "double" stats anyway it just happens that it also gives some stats to everyone in the group but the dps benefit is always on warrior. Also all of the mechanics on Banners are jank, you can't crit cap without it and losing an utility skill for it, from all the active effects they could put on banners they gave light aura, like how the kitten is that needed or makes sense, everyone thought it migh
  13. @greedywholesome.9081 Allot of the Balance is based on some PVP discord something and it is mostly based around ATs. CMC is doing his best with doing numbers and you could do little with it since it either it has the numbers or it doesn't and something just doesn't work. Mechanics are off the table for some dumb reason and that is what is bloating the game for so long, the whole excuse about that was the expansion, but the elite specs seem like they have been thrown together in the past 6 months not 2 years. I'm under the suspicion that most of the people that worked on skill design bal
  14. I call them Sticky, they might not move allot but for some reason are great emotional support and everyone loves them so I need to carry them around. Pet rock pet branch all the same.
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