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  1. I don't want to spoil the fun of people speculating but one of the leaks seems to be fitting little too well with the announcement.
  2. I don't think it will change what people do to game the LB, they will just don't know where they are but when you are 30 wins to 2 losses it is kinda telling, Also the API shows it anyway. They can always guild queue as the same class on alts and trade wins on off hours with the low population. The only time Arenanet managed to curb some of the shenanigans to some degree was with the no duo queue after plat or something and most people couldn't push over p2.
  3. First of, ou no you scratched a touchy topic for some people, lol. Second, Warrior could have worked OK with 10 second cd on swap if weapons and skills were not designed/balance for years with the idea that it will always work with discipline, Its probably one of those ou they like Discipline on everything lets leave it at that, one less traitline slot to worry about. Now for the guardian envy, why does these kitteners get to have good synergy between the traitlines, it is like they are throwing more time into some professions, the kittening FC is Protector's Strike with gold particl
  4. Lets put it this way, Staff on necro is the Shield/Focus defensive utility weapon for necro that is why most necros run it and with the trait on Because LF. Most of the skills are quite kitten https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Staff , those that matter are on big CD. Lets take it as an example guard uses shield Shield of Absorption it pushes away people, Necro uses Reaper's Mark it pushes away people.
  5. A kitten, ok lets start, marks are one time thing, you can dodge over it and it goes pop and stops existing and the necro doesn't get the LF, if you stun a core necro or reaper their AoE skill stops being cast, if you stun a scourge with shades or guard with symbols, the skills do not stop existing, they linger on and deny the Area. Lingering AoEs that do not have counter play are bad for the game. Symbols promoted passive play, the guard stays in its kitten puddle and it is fully up to the opponent how to contest it, should you stay on point and tank the damage or leave it, reworking the trai
  6. So any circle AoE circle is the same to you it doesn't matter if it is one time cast or lingering. Symbols got nerfed cause they were lingering big AoE circles, long time AOE denial. You can compare marks to traps, which also are unblockable without traits mind you, but marks are visible, some traps are still lingering throwaway AoE, the closest relative to marks is probably some preparations on thief. You can compare shades to symbols, cause they work kind of the same, but marks and symbols do not work the same. You can compare Wells to symbols, but those got nerfed too so id
  7. I find it quite funny that you mentioned all the mechanics that are not like symbols and are usually one time use that goes pop, but missed the shades that linger like symbols and can also move. If you did say shades since they are comparable you would have had leg to stand on.
  8. Warrior mains will get their 30 days money worth of the expansion (and then disappear), thieves will get a new assassin thing and go back to playing DD, necro will have some broken teamfight variation with a new gimmick that will be overkill and is able to pummel all other necros , rev, ranger and engie will have something OP but hidden till everything else is nerfed and will be explaining why it is fine to have permanent boons. Did I miss something, a yes guard, it will get thief mobility with something from the shorbow lets say Holly Arrow, and now they will be able to make full 5 man
  9. Big problem I see with warrior as a whole is that it doesn't have a way to negate throw away damage, while being a melee fighter that needs to go knee deep in the muck to do damage and just doesn't have a way to recover. Protection does not cut it , barrier can prevent the throw away damage or some type of health recovery needs to be in place. As it is right now it just can't fight in big fights except being a support. It is just lame to have all builds pigeonholed being the same thing.
  10. It is not dice, it is a coin flip, or less. It is better this way. What is with everyone wanting to change core systems in the game these days ?
  11. I think Eternal Champion should be full defensive trait, no might, you gain stability, resistance, resolution and barrier when entering berserk and you gain the same but with less barrier on stunbreak, basically reverse Reaper's Onslaught , reaper can take the trait to do damage while soaking damage , Berserker has the damage but it should have a trait that lets it soak damage. To tell the truth anything that lets you stay in fights will be good at this point.
  12. Dude, just no. The whole stat system goes in the garbage bin like that.
  13. Weakness should probably just be you do no crits. The crit rng is keeping power in check, if crit wasn't important everyone would be running Carrion, it is the measure that keeps you thinking should you get more defense or more damage, maybe even condition skill should have gotten more look into crit chance like the condi crit traits and maybe some condi skill could have been crit reliant like if you crit you get extra stack or something .
  14. The rng comes to investment, that is the drawback to power, you can actually cap to 100% crit but it is generally losing allot of defensives, so you oneshot but the average bruiser can slap it to death, one shot builds are not that big of issue these days, the big Ks don't come all the time, they are usually reserved to a damage combo that has at least one utility in there and that usually can be countered by expecting it and pressing dodge, since it is usually one skill, that is the whole outplay, the Mexican standoff, who will make the wrong step. You can take as an example Signet Berserker,
  15. Power damage is the default across all games, big power skills generally have big telegraph, people can guess that getting hit by a big kitten stick is bad, but can't tell how much time they can spend in the fart cloud when it lingers for long time. Conditions are less intuitive some you can feel instantly some you can't till its too late. Stealth kind of falls into the kitten boon category for me and stealth burst can also work with conditions if we take thief for example so it is broader problem not reserved for strike damage. Also you use example of Grenades witch are condition h
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