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  1. Engie as a whole would have been better if it didn't have so much tacked on kitten procs from traits and instead its actual skills did the thing. Would have been also nice if it actually had identity instead of being replica of some other profession or on itself. Holo and scrapper kinda do the same thing and carried by proc skills from core, fun bit core engi sucks kitten cause it can't activate the op traits easily as the elites, cause the kitten traits were made fore the elites, the even funnier thing is that all this garbage design got added to engie when the procs for every other profession got nerfed to useless. Scrapper is kinda core+ and it doesn't really have strong identity, like all other elites that buff the utility skills so this one is wishy woshy at best and needs rework to get a personality. Holo on other hand has identity but all the garbage from the reworks ruins it. The holo forge needs a some work cause the heat mechanic is just a cooldown it needs to be affected by other players like necro shroud but also be strong as necro shroud. Mech is a mess it could have been cool, if the mech was mostly utility with kitten all damage but have power mode where you enter the mech DVA from overwatch style, yeah it kinda feels like shroud, but Power Armor looks cooler then having flouting turret next to you.
  2. I personally have problem with non telegraphed CCs, all kinds of pew pew CCs, all kinds of instant CCs, all kinds of not telegraphed or bad telegraphed AOE CCS and trait passive ccs on stuff that usually doesn't have cc. Just to point out that warrior always had that much cc from the start and it did have the Defenses to use it, it was always core design philosophy to land a cc then do damage, it was just way more preferable and effective to have some cc and big damage but over time everything got nerfed. No damage on cc, then no damage allowed on damage skills, then the few skills that are group damage or support oriented get nerfed and the only way to play left was stalling on a node while hitting you with pool noodles. The warrior cc is kinda fair its telegraphed, the staff pull is wonky though since it can be retargeted and the telegraph cone means nothing (probably bug). Getting rolled by Hammer sucks, but if you try to playing it you can notice that it has like 30% success at landing a ccs. The Bladesworn CCs on burst from a trait was kitten but after they removed it you can notice that the spec is kinda useless. Mesmer is one the big culprits since it does have good telegraphs and also allot of invisible cc (the mantra the shatter cc which would not be bad if the other shatters didn't look the kittening same) that kind of leaked to other professions like the Necro Harbinger Gravity well which is even worse then the Chrono elite since it is invisible(bugged for years) and no telegraph animation only animation after the fact, there is also the kittening pistol cc that is copy of the Mesmer pistol but without the sound queue and the telegraph . Thief has the trait for steal that gets broken on DE since its fire and forget from distance and several pew pew ccs. Engi has several proc trait ccs which is the most garbage design decision ever, kinda hate the gyro cc on scrapper even though its telegraphed but its bad skill since it moves and can't be interrupted and the AOE is kittening huge, I think scourge and specter have it copy pasted on them but it feels less bad since it has less range . Ele has shocking aura which is not that bad till it can share it to everyone and that instant cc on Air scepter is kitten. Lets look at good Ranged CC DH Longbow both are telegraphed and both are your problem if you got caught, then you have Ranger Longbow Point blank that is fallowed by pew pew pew and they can't still fix the bug that throws you into walls. If we dig more into ranger you have the imob on top of multiple dazes, copy of the mesmer mantra on druid, the new stuff like maces and the reworks of druid do feel like they have kitten telegraphs. There is also the extend CCs duration sigils, runes which throw allot of stuff out of wack. The issue is not the amount of ccs its the fact that you can't react to them. Rant over.
  3. Ill be kittening happy with unranked 2v2 3v3. There is already a tick box for kittening stronghold why not 2v2 3v3.
  4. There were multiple reward tracks that were in wvw for long time but added just last year in pvp, like someone forgot pvp existed. Also the reward tracks have gotten worse with the cosmetic rewards. For example compared to HoT and PoF where you can get all the expansion armor skins from reward tracks while the new ones you only get the easier access ones. Pretty stupid considering that for pvp only the skins matter but pvp gets the least variety of skins. Anet at this point is killing pvp on purpose even though pvp is pretty good for retention when they have content droughts or dud content, which is always.
  5. Well criple does work, but on the slower professions/elites anything that has teleport ignores it and most probably has a way to remove it easily. Immobilize is the condi that doesn't let you dodge but again it works better on slower professions, thief has several ways out out of it , probably should have made their weakness ccs and CC conditions instead of the "damage" , before it kind of worked but generally if you had damage to kill a thief you could 2 shot everything else.
  6. Cause less then competent people complained about a bunker build that couldn't kill them for 30 pages on the forum now they get to play vs bunker builds that can kill them in 5 seconds. That is what you get for pilling on over one thing, not that it didn't need some nerfs for 1v1 but it still needs allot of buffs to be good support. Also this is recurring thing when Warrior is THE sidenoder and then gets nerfed the cheese without counter comes out of the woodwork every time. That is what people get when one trickking one profession and start complaining about other professions cause they haven't touched them, gratz you got your counter nerfed now you have 5 other professions countering you.
  7. I think the game had larger pvp population when the seasons were longer, might be other factors like the pvp lobby not being so kittening depressing and the pvp didn't force everything in the middle of the graph. Currently pvp needs huge signal boost and easier access for new players to be relevant. Personaly I think the ranked queue should be removed and the rewards moved to unranked and maybe throw titles to people at the end of some season without having obvious criteria that can be meta gamed outside game.
  8. I think it's a myth or it was a thing at some point but got removed or anet made a statement about it, whichever it is it doesn't take the higher rating for the duo.
  9. Then why aren't you playing them if it is so easy to win with it.
  10. Or a frog that uses its tongue as a grapple hook, but we know Anet doesn't like frogs for reasons....
  11. Main problem with GW2 PVP currently is the population, people don't want to start a kittening grind to be barely competent. New people get floored instantly without clear reason why and that happens over and over and over since everyone is lumped in Gold matches so they drop the mode. Big reason is that Anet is so kittening focused on kittening conquest that is complicated by default add build system on top and you get a disaster. You need small scale PVP with simple goal which they have with 2v2, 3v3 deathmatch but the kitten thing is a week between the kitten conquest season and a large scale PVP mode where noobness can be covered up by other people but Anet didn't add modes which they kittening had in the first game and threw all their PVP in conquest and WVW. There is the Mechanics Creep in the game that doesn't help with retention, like most of the skills are kittening terrible to read what the kitten they do, I'm pretty sure people still don't know what the kitten most elementalist weapons and skills do, but I'm kinda sure people knew what the kitten the Warrior Staff did on the first day of release (even though they don't like to get simple slow bonked to death by it), so more simple concepts as I bonk you hurt and less you got grazed by particle shitstorm from who knows where and now you have 13 different condition icons on your bar. GW2 PVP has the same issue as fighting games the barrier to entry is too huge and the only fun time for noobs is when they play vs other noobs which is at the release of the game if the balance and design is good enough. Since GW 2 is an MMO it doesn't get to rerelease or make a new pvp game every few years so Anet has to do something on expansions but Anet is incompetent in marketing and they have been trying the push PVP under the rug for years cause PVP toxic and "Ruins" the PG13 unicorn rainbow farts image of the game (lame as kitten by the way), and because of this new people will not even hear about the pvp in the game. As for GW3 it will probably be some lame kitten PVE game with no clear direction that chucks new type of content every 6 to 12 months and forgets about the previous one like GW2. Also GW3 will probably be one of those mobile/PC hybrids that NCSOFT is pushing these days.
  12. They did the 3rd party thing that is why the game sucks. The balance is based on the MAT and the one trick "pros", This is the reason the game gets all these cringe META everything builds .
  13. Most rangers suffer from the Ranger syndrome, they get really confused and their brain shutsdown when you counter their gimmick in some way, like doing Death's Charge in their Rapid Fire, the thing is that most Necros suffer from Necro syndrome and they might not know how to read like Rangers so on paper Ranger "counters" necro, but if both mash their keyboard with their face its anyone's. This is also the reason for Ranger and Necro being pretty good for climbing in ranked if you are somewhat competent, since people will suck 80% of the time on them.
  14. Really, guys, really!!! No one asked for his stuff, because he is quitting. Seriously disappointed that people ignore tradition. I'll just ask out of courtesy, not cause I need it or want it. Can I have your stuff?
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