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  1. Don't let people get you down about the build, if it is good from gold to p2 it means it covers the majority of players, p2 and above are like what 250 players that never play at the same time. That being said there is an issue if the intention of the build is to be something for gold/new players since it is ele and a sidenoder. Generally the game is decided by mid node fights in those brackets and by taking tempest to the sidenode it is kinda axing the support for your team while the other team might get support tempest and by being ele it requires more time investment to get the muscle
  2. The buffs do not seem to do much , except buff a little bit the condi berserker build. They say they buff things so picking a weapon is not mistake yet they didn't buff anything for power builds. Barely touched hammer, rifle and GS, didn't even look at maces probably cause they are "meta" but the devs do not understand why they are meta and could have buffed the damage there. They say they buffed power berserker I do not see anything of the sort, they could have buffed burst skills, Bloody roar and Fatal Frenzy to at least address the removal of the banner stats so it could hit the old b
  3. For some reason all grandmaster traits have the Dragonsclae Defense reset that is supposed to be Daring Dragons trait thing, I think the devs are keeping the bug as band Aid on top of all the other Band Aids to prop it up since the mechanics of the skills are not exactly good. I can see why they are keeping it as is, it is "fair" bunker since it can stall 1v1s maybe even win, but when it gets +1 it will fold in most cases since the band aid shouts can't keep up with damage like active mitigation bunkers. It is like Valk ranger and both are not exactly peak gaming if we put it mildly.
  4. @CalmTheStorm.2364 Just to point out that Dragonscale Defense is bugged for Unyielding Dragon and for some reason takes the Dearing dragon Dragonscale Defense reset, that bit of the tooltip is supposed to be one of the sellers of Dearing Dragon. I'm pretty sure the devs know about it but have left the bug as a band aid solution.
  5. Look up guardian and ranger traitlines that are on the same base idea as Arms, hybrid, crit, swords and signets*(kinda, ranger gets traps) with synergy between traitlines to unlock full potential, currently Arms is just passive boost to condi builds since it happens to have condi multipliers but it is just its own thing that you add on top of your build to pad it, instead of getting these traits that are not that amazing on their own but when you use them together they become really strong.
  6. Realistically the main mechanic Full counter screams tank, the issue is that GW2 tanks need to bring heavy support to be useful and it is not like the utility slot skills on SpB are almost useless that could go with some good rework. Also I do not understand why people are against it being a support, currently the supports get to do everything while dominating PVE and WvW, both scourge and firebrand are a staple with support and damage builds and the only reason there are less in PVE is that another heavy utility support spec came with EOD.
  7. @oscuro.9720 You are missing the adrenaline generation trait just let furious be as is. The signets traits are gone here, why not the basic you keep your passive after using it. Dual Wield should probably get second part something like on top of the attack speed, under the effect of quickness you gain 20% more damage. I think also that Arms should take the ranged weapons trait and be the traitline that works with Ranged weapons, since at least one traitline should do the heavy lifting for that and Arms sounds thematically good choice with the whole renaissance Swords and Flintlock
  8. I disagree completely here since in my opinion every spec should be good in every mode, the whole PVE/PVP spec is too restrictive and applied at random. The same thinking got warrior 3 specs that do the same kitten. Also another point SPVP is done for Arenanet, it ain't getting anything new and having spec that is limited to it, means it is dead content like dungeons.
  9. Yet I still think that the whole "but its competitive speck" is nonsense that people should stop repeating, currently it is the only "competitive speck" in the game and it is not even very good at it which would imply that it is just badly designed spec . Boon rip is also non mechanic to be the seller of the spec since Necro and Mesmer get that kitten by default, stop repeating Arenanet's sellers spiel for spec that they scrounged together last minute. If it gains group support for PVE in lets say defensive boons like protection and resolution and maybe idk aegis or stability, it will transl
  10. I think they should move Marshal Cadence on the spot of Heightened focus, it already does the same thing but shittier and it is selfish, this way it opens up the grandmasters for tactics. Discipline gets a support row to compliment the Banner trait, Vengeful Return is prime trait for change into something useful, maybe gain adrenaline when you share a boon or some kitten like that or it could be part of Marshal Cadence since the Adrenaline generation is kinda bad without the Discipline grandmasters.
  11. Cool but we have keep with the theme of the gun samurai, so think explosions and wind slicing like the "gun saber" , I think they can do something like the Necro staff animation overlay to look like the sword has fancy Bladesworn tech on it. The other option is to just give a kitten range MH pistol to BS, but I have the strange feeling they are keeping it for the next elite spec for some dumb reason.
  12. Wish there was a MH weapon that would fit with it, it would have been cool if sword got its skills changed when BS is used, like Virtuoso has one sword skill like that, bonus points if the sword is ranged and works like a pistol.
  13. At the time of release it beat everything in PVP on its designated area just by having that one ability on demand that is borrowed subpar skill from guardian. Sands were burning, Skies were falling, Lazars were flying but the biggest fear was that one ability, now it is not even the best counter attack skill in the game after all the nerfs, but back then it was amazing how such a simple skill can wreck the overkill design specs.
  14. It is the aliens they want me axe and use magnets. Seriously though, it needs that bugged fixed and maybe little bit bigger and cooler animation, since that little ting sound and the toothpick flying doesn't really convey the "I almost one shot an ele" on a low HP crit.
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