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  1. Yes but it was on internet forum, everyone can be 70 "different" people if they wish to be.
  2. Well you insist on something that I find that doesn't make sense, you haven't given me any good reason why it is a bad Idea, I have given several why it is good idea.
  3. I actually think Warrior should not have CD to Switch weapons, the Weapon master should be able to use its weapons always since Warrior doesn't do much different from the other professions and deserves something special this or having more weapons you can equip but that can't happen since the equipment UI has to be changed. Why is it nonsensical to have a fun trait baseline that will give me more fun if it was, by giving me more options on how to play? Are you the FUN Police?
  4. The problem is that you argue for the sake of winning an argument and also refusing to acknowledge that I fact checked your point that there isn't precedent of Anet baselining stuff. There isn't point for me in trying to convince you of anything since you will just move the goal post or just circle back to hypothetical pointless event. My argument is that FS makes warrior play way more fun, the point of a game is to have fun, so Anet should make the game more fun, I don't care if they nerf/buff or whatever they as long as I have fun with it.
  5. No one is pushing anything, my argument is that Anet has been removing CD reduction traits and baselining it, they can nerf it to how ever they want or add it as QoL so the button pressing of the profession works better and nerf the generic do x more damage traits. FS is already the default if Anet nerfs something if it is baseline it most probably will be the do more damage traits here and there and some coefficient on DT or something. Tell me which is easier to calculate the already Baselined 5s switch since the builds run it already or making your life more complicated and making it 10 8 or whatever second and shaving off 10% of this burst skill or that x trait? The game already is balanced around warrior having fast hands. Your argument is pointless since if it is that OP they would have changed it years ago.
  6. Its not Exceptional Behaviour they already removed the CD reducing traits and baselined it on all professions ( you might try to weasel out by finding this and that trait that I can't bother with looking up, but it most probably missed instead of intentional, since the plan as they stated before was reducing the variables to balancing for such cd anomalies). There is already a precedent in the game for base lining cd reduction and by all intents and purposes Fast Hands is cd reduction trait that is already ran on all builds so there will be more options then elite spec discipline x . There is argument that Bladesworn doesn't need to use Fast hands, but it only affects the rotation and not the output of the rigid builds you can do with it and even if you add it to the bunch its the easiest spec to balance of the bunch since its numbers are frontloaded in DT. We might see some touch up on tactics and arms if FH is baselined which they need anyway, quite frankly they need reworks. The power creep argument is stupid , we pumping 40k dps on all builds in PVE , PVP is dead and even if someone gives a kitten, warrior will still switch weapons on 5 seconds like now, it will actually make it more consistent.
  7. Anet should have added unstoppable mechanic long ago to some skills , like Hyper armor in Dark souls , you take damage but can't be interrupted or imobalized during the skill. Stability is wonky on stomp ,you could still get interrupted while casting it and have the stab stack after. Also the range sucks on all war Leaps, people can teleport half the map but God forbid warrior leaps 1200 range slowly.
  8. I'm kinda pissy that they removed the drawback on the guardian gs spiny spin ngl, but also added dab telegraphs on Arc divider(bayblade rip) and Dragon Slash boost. Like kitten their double standards , why are they ruining my fun in PVE cause kitteners can't dodge in pvp.
  9. At least Reapers Shroud 2 stopped doing that thing where you sit in one place and just spin the stick, I think they added the Ranger GS tracking to it a random patch. My actual favourite kittened skill is axe 3 on warrior, if the guy is moving on elevation or teleports the axe goes into orbit.
  10. Might be the Horizon MMO also, or both cause Throne of Liberty does look GW2 ish. The thing is I fully expect NCSOFT to kitten it up and plop another Korean shovelwere garbage mobile/PC skinner box, even if the starting product is good in about a year NCSOFT will stick its kitten in it. It is amazing how the Korean Business suits are even more up in their own kitten then Western ones.
  11. The funnier thing is there are people stupid enough to buy pvp accounts in a game where pvp hasn't mattered in I don't even know how many years.
  12. I find it quite funny that Anet has that full disdain of anything pvp because of the ESL thing, which also failed because of them mind you. Since then anything related to competition is wiped under the carpet and hidden, like Anet is controlled by some kinder garden teacher and everything "violent is forbidden". The fun part is that they probably believe that whole kitten about GW 2 has no toxicity is real thing and not because people just don't interact with each other get bored by the cookie clicker gameplay and forget the game in a month. The problem is that PVP doesn't bring money, and it doesn't bring money cause Anet didn't monetize it properly and there isn't many people playing it and there isn't many people playing it cause there isn't any development, one could say it is a death spiral, but its actually Anet fault, cause they had developers on pvp but they left and their positions didn't get filled and most probably the dev slot went to something pointless probably to their terrible marketing team.
  13. Use this next time to calculate mats. It shows what you can buy/craft and which is cheaper right now. https://gw2efficiency.com/crafting/calculator
  14. Pretty sure most people have not memorized kitten and are using macros. I call kitten on the one action one key ToS thing Anet has since they don't police it (when looking at the more serious kitten passing without bans). Most gaming mice come with pre build macro software and basically all button functions are like a macro event on them . Pretty sure this one of the big reasons people melt down when Spellbreaker becomes meta , since it kittens up their macro script.
  15. Bad telegraphs, Floaty telegraphs , random (but not really random) procs , Big kitten scary AoEs doing nothing while almost invisible ones doing 8k. You have dumb kitten face roll kitten with like 6 kill abilities and then you get people playing bunkers cause the previous group does damage while mouth breathing , so you get games where no damage can be done or everyone is down in 0.5 seconds. The game is cluttered with kitten with zero readability and it is not about skill but who has the more insolated build that can handle stupid kitten. That isn't even a hot take that is a cold take .
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