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Why are daily tourneys on a SHIFTING SCHEDULE? 0_0 Big Guild Concerns.


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Ummm,I dont understand this at all.Having run a successful guild for 5 years I understand how difficult it is to coordinate event scheduling for different players from all over the world. Yes, that alone can be a nightmare.When my guild was essentially (and effectively) kicked out of PVP after 2 years or so of being a PVP focused guild, We had literally nothing to look toward in the way of PVP activities.Then after some time Tourneys were introduced to SPVP, and we tried to field a Tourney focused guild team thinking that we would be able to sustain based on that activity.However, we soon found that it was impossible for us to "schedule" tourney times for the team because we never knew when they were running. I understand that there are teams who are able to make the events, but I have no idea how they are doing it.I should add that our guild (1200 members-5 years) has done absolutely everything within our power to provide our members with a better game experience than they would otherwise have. Yet, we were "kicked out" of WvW by Megaserver and after running PVE for a bit we turned to PVP...where we were also kicked out.Then as a final insult, I am no longer able to recruit for the guild because of the changes to Private Messaging. I DO NOT SPAM MAP CHAT.As a result, the guild has been dead since the changes to PM were implemented. Killed by the devs. Thanks for that.5 years and countless hours of hard work all down the tubes, because gold spammers were more annoying/important than the best interests of guilds.Its obvious to me that when the changes to PM were discussed that guilds were not even considered. Yet, look at the devastating effect that change had on a successful guild of 5 years....and I bet that a lot of you (at Anet) are wondering why the player base continues to drop. Thats actually kinda funny when you consider how the staunchest supporters of the game have been shunned and turned away by you at every turn rather than assisted and accommodated...even tolerated. Its as if all of our efforts to make the game better for YOUR CUSTOMERS have been perceived as somehow threatening or damaging which could not be further from the truth.At this point my hands are tied. I cannot recruit. I cannot schedule events. I have nowhere I can turn to offer members a better game experience. There is nothing I can do. Yet, whenever I'm in game I have friends and old guildies begging me to re-start the guild.How?I'd like to point out something which may not be as obvious as I imagined.GUILDS ARE THE FOUNDATION OF THE GAME. WE ESTABLISH COMMUNITIES. WE ESTABLISH PERSONAL AND MEANINGFUL RELATIONSHIPS. WE GIVE PLAYERS AN EXTRA INCENTIVE TO LOGIN. WE MAKE THE GAME HUMAN...because no matter how virtual the environment and the game play may be, every single interaction that you have with another human being is very real.Help US.... Help YOU.Thanks

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The rationale for the shifting tournament times is that it gives everyone the ability to play in ATs. If they fixed the times, then some people wouldn't be able to play in ATs - specifically people who work during prime-time in a region or are in a distant region (such as Aussie/NZ on NA).

It's a textbook example of how trying to make everyone happy makes nobody happy.

They have a couple options IMO:

  1. Go back to on-demand 8-team tournaments like they had at the start of the game.
  2. Changed ranked back to 1-5 player queue.

Swiss-style tournaments - which they've been working on for over a year - don't address the fundamental problem of not being able to play in a tournament when your friends are online. It's a waste of time at this point.

The easiest and best solution is to just abandon the daily ATs and re-enable team queue in ranked. They could have it running tomorrow. Team queue will match teams based on rating, so you don't have gold/plat teams steamrolling silver teams like in the first round (or two) of ATs. While the matchmaking isn't perfect, it's still a hell of a lot better than in unranked or in ATs.

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Well no. Not True.If they held a tourney every 4 or 5 hours in a 24 hour period, they would literally have 24 hour coverage, and everyone would have an opportunity to participate.Hmmm, they could even ADD a tourney. OMG What a brainstorm.Uhhh no. Its not rocket science.Then they just rotate the tourneys keeping the times the same.

Mon - Tourney ATourney BTourney CTourney DTuesday - Tourney BTourney CTourney DTourney ASo on... and so on.Hand Holding and coddling is not what this game needs. If someone cant make it to a tourney with 24 hour coverage, then they need to get over it. Its a tough world. Life isnt fair.Why even bother having a "schedule" if it shifts? Thats NOT a schedule. Thats like a loose estimate...and I'm sorry. I dont know what to tell someone who asks me what time they need to show up on Sat to play a tourney. Should I just tell them "Well, "Loosely" 10 am PT, but it could be 4 hours before the tourney actually starts." Huh????They need to do whats best for the game, and if guilds cannot create teams and schedule tourney events because the schedule shifts? Then please tell me why bother? ...because at that point guilds are STILL essentially kicked out of PVP.Round and round we go, spinning further and further into the depths of absolute nonsense until we finally hand hold and coddle ourselves to death....and if its its STILL unclear how important guilds are to this game? ...then Im wasting my time and may as well go play some other game because GW2 will just continue to die a slow death.I dont come here often, and there's a reason for that.There's always some know it all who has a better explanation... Meanwhile , the game continues on a downward course.The ONLY reason Im here right now is to deliver a message that needs to be heard...and as unpleasant as I find these forums, I dont intend to give up until its heard.

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