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  1. And most of those ideas are terrible. This isn't unique to GW2; all game forums are like this. Don't expect a limited number of developers to be able to respond to each post and point out the flaws. Some ideas have even been tried internally by ANet in the past and didn't work. The crux of the problem is that the current development team is not the original development team. The original development team has mostly left the company at this point. Original GW2 had a certain design philosophy - albeit a bit rough around the edges - and that was followed through core. Each pr
  2. The bigger problem is Monk's focus which is too stacked and inflates the base healing value of Litany of Wrath.
  3. Stronghold is salvageable and could be made into a decent mode with significant changes. However, the developers ignored feedback about the major flaws during public beta and during early HoT. So I have no confidence in the developers having the time or dedication to fix it properly.
  4. Power creep. Poorly designed elite specs had their damage, sustain, and boons boosted through the roof to cover for the poor design. Then you had arms race balancing to follow.
  5. I'm going to disagree. Queue SizeSolo/duo queue restriction did a lot to hurt PvP. Having a solo only queue will do nothing to help it. The people who want solo queue are a vocal minority who think they're better and want to brag about it to everyone.How do I know this? We used to have solo and team (1-5) queue in parallel before HoT. Solo queue was initially popular, but quickly lost favor for two reasons. First, outcome was based largely on luck of the draw - who got the fewest bad or stubborn players and who got a good spec distribution. Second, it quickly bred toxicity - "I was great, th
  6. conditions were never a supplementary source of damage. condition builds have existed since the start.If you look at the original design of the game during betas and at release, there's a strong argument for condition damage being a secondary damage stat like precision or ferocity. Many weapons and abilities added damaging conditions, but not enough to have condition damage alone be a viable damage source. Aside from bomb engi - which didn't kill all that quickly - there were no viable pure condition damage builds. And there were many weapon kits which did have conditions attached to them,
  7. The February patch was intended as an initial push toward fixing years of power creep and poor design. It accomplished that. The problem is that there was no follow-up with redesigns or major mechanics tweaks.
  8. Mixed reaction. The mechanic is good and healthy when it's a relatively large amount with a moderate to large cooldown. In that capacity, it forces the player to use athe barrier ability at the optimal time, and allows the opponent to plan around the period between barriers. It fits best on builds which can't quickly escape or are designed for sustained close-range combat. Think of it like a limited channeled block ability. Where is not good is smeared over everything in small amounts. At that point, it's the same as extra HP or healing.
  9. The last "balance" patch was clear evidence that it's time to give up. Instead of fixing things, it reintroduced problem mechanics. One key point of the February changes was that they'd be followed by mechanics changes to many elite specs which couldn't be fixed with numbers changes. The most recent patch stayed the course rather than addressing anything.
  10. It's actually 100%. There may be a few hotfix patches in the following week to address stuff which wasn't completed in time.
  11. A casino where I win? I must be in heaven!A casino where I always win? I must be ... in hell! The point is that while winning is fun, winning often with no challenge is boring. Most players prefer having close games where their effort matters over constant low-effort wins. While winning from noob stomps may be fun at first, the initial satisfaction quickly fades.
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