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Why did you remove burning speed tech?


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I think they did it because that behaviour was never intended anyway. From a design point of view it doesn't make sense for the camera to have any effect on the distance traveled. Not only in GW2, but any game. Why should it? It's just the camera position, the point of view. Not a physical thing that could actually hinder your movement.

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@Henrik.7560 said:It should automatically make the distance shorter if you are point blank to your enemy :) but nah ill just slide way through them

That shouldn't have anything to do with your camera position... like someone else said, that makes no sense.

What you're asking for is the skill to stop when it reaches your target. If you don't have a target, then it would go the full range. That's really a design decision by ANet. There are advantages to sliding through (i.e. piercing) multiple foes, rather than stopping at the first foe hit.

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