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What are some good core mesmer builds?


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@Incendiaryflame.2103 said:Was hoping for something for dungeons / fractals. The metabattle one isn't bad, I was just curious if there was any other besides the one power build listed.

If you’re looking specifically for dmg, the one listed on metabattle (under dungeons/frac) is probably the best (and only) one.

It’s fairly outdated, but there a few variations of this build with small dps loss for extra utility. Optimally you’d take more assassin’s gear (but only if you want optimise like raids). You can take GS instead of focus for range and single target trash burst, and switch out Defender for Mirror Images if you feel like the Defender isn’t going to block much. The Defender/Mirror Images slot is free to replace with any other necessary utility skill. Traits will stay exactly the same, even with GS.

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For fractals. My personal build (now that chrono is the way it is...) is:Sw/sw and sw/f

Sigil of force and sigil of impactRunes Traveler / Mesmer / Scholar / Eagle.Traveler grants 25% passive speedMesmer runes give good power/precision as well as daze durationScholar is all around best in slot for DPSEagle is a poor-man's Scholar rune. But works similarly

Dueling: 1-3-1Illusions: 1-2-1 (or 1-2-2 for better shatters)Inspiration: 3-2-3 (or use 3-1-1 for focus reflects and lower cooldowns. Also blocking will spawn a defender which works as a decent soft CC)

You can replace Inspiration with:Domination: 2-2-2 (good dps with shatters)If you need to use greatsword, use the first major trait in GM.

Edit: woops, I forgot about utilities

Heal:Signet of Ether - my favorite heal skill with the trait in Inspiration. It refreshes the cooldown of all phantasms so they may be cast again immediately plus will give distortion.Ether Feast - use this if you're not using Signet of Ether. It'll heal just as much as Signet of Ether if you've got 3 clones but it won't provide the 1 second invulnerability. Nearly no noticable difference though.

Utility:Mirror Images - nearly a must-have in any situation. Instant stun break. Gives 2 clones. SimpleSignet of Midnight - synergized with the trait in Inspiration, this trait grants 1 second invulnerability as well as cleansed 5 conditions. On top of that it gives invisibility and is a stunbreak. Can't go wrong with this!Phantasmal Disenchanter - one of my favorites to use. This does so much damage to a target with no boons. And if it does have boons, it'll rip 5 of them each hit! Very strong indeed.Phantasmal Defender - I prefer the trait instead of the utility for this. It usually never gets to finish its taunt + block and deal damage before the target is dead. And if it's against a champ, it's only useful as a soft CC.Mantra of Pain - low cooldown, decent damage.. It takes 10 seconds to regain a charge if both aren't depleted. Otherwise 1 second cooldown and nearly 3 second cast time. 3 seconds is a lot while in combat so be sure to use this before entering combat to maximize dps.Mantra of Concentration - I love this mantra as it's very team-oriented. Very useful in some situations for its stability and stun break! The first initial cast is rewarding too with its quickness, great to use at the start of combat.Signet of Domination - amazing 3 second stun / hard CC. Decent cooldown duration.Blink - useful in some fractals especially in Chaos vs the boss. If you're unable to run to a safe square in time: this will surely save you. Also it's a stun break :)Null Field - useful but I haven't found too many uses for it. Great while everyone stacks into it on top of mobs which inflict condis. But not too many of those instances.Feedback - one of the better utilities, this works amazingly well vs harpies and anything that hits hard with projectiles! Combined with focus trait and skills, you're good to go!

Elite:Time Warp - Be wary with this. Use it only during boss encounters as it's on a 180 second cooldown and lasts for 10 seconds. It's a small bubble too so pick and choose.Signet of Humiliation - great hard CC

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In WvW I run:

Illusions 112Chaos 312Dueling 131

Sword Torch (Energy Cleansing) / Greatsword (Force Air)Ether Feast, Blink, Decoy, Mantra of Pain, Mass InvisibilityGear is Marauder/Berserker with Rune of the Pack

It's essentially a Mesmer that roleplays as thief.The rotation is:Stealth up. Charge the Mantra for 12 MightMantra+GS2 -> F1+GS3Situational followup: Decoy -> F1

Link: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vhAQNAR8flknhG1YZawENwtGLrGE6Wq+1Nnx0WR5GGRAA-jVSBQBa4IAcFlfk7gAkQ1fewFAAAPAAzoEkI7PgHdDBAOAO/8Mv5Bnf+5nf+518zP/8zP/8zP/8SBYuWL-w

PvE (Dungeons):Dueling 131, Illusions121, Domination 222Sword Sword / Sword Focus (Force Impact on both setsSignet of the Ether, Phantasmal Disenchanter, Phantasmal Defender, Mantra of Pain, Elite is situationalGear is Berserker/Assassin Mix with runes of the Eagle or Scholar (if you habe enoufh Precision from Assassins Gear take Scholar, if you don't habe enough Assassins gear take Eagle

Playstyle is: Cast all Phantasms, Cast Signet, Cast all Phantasms Repeat.

Build if you have NO BANNERS AND NO SPOTTER: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vhAQNAs8dnsICFqhVqBmoBUrhFVDqsDlYAodJNXhMAjo4A-j1RBQBjUJIZU+ZsTCwM2fAAPAARp+De0LEA4Aw5nf+5nfeN/8zP/8zP/8zPvUA6p1C-w

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