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pvp score system


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just wondering if any1 knows how the system works,, because yesterday i had won 4 in a row.. and got an average of 13-14 points per win,, then the next match i lost,, but i had dmg,off,def,heals,revives.. 5 stats and when i lost i ended up losing 19 points even tho it was the best game i had... does this mean i was playing players with a decent amount of lower rank mmr? because when i have bad games i still dont lose anywhere close to 19 points.. im not complaining i actually do enjoy a hard rank system.. its what made halo 2 so great.. would just like to know fersure how it works.. thanks for any and all feedback

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update: i was really looking into this game where i lost 19 points,, and i noticed overall my team as a whole we got crushed that game.. so i assume its from just us gettin our butt kicked so bad.. which i agree with,, you lose as a team you win as a team.. just wanted to add this to show it wasnt just a random point loss.. we did suffer a pretty bad loss that game

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this happens because you're above the average match rating, which also explain you getting all those top stats.

Let's say you're plat 1, the other team is all gold 1 and 2, but to even up things your team is all silver 3, maybe 1 gold 1.

Match making watch your rating and say, you should carry this, easy match, but then you lose and they punish you with a bigger rating loss. If you had won, they would say, see, easy match, then you'd have gotten 7-9 points for an easy match.

This is quite common at higher ranks, ppl close to 1800 rating get matched against 1600 ppl, when they win they get 7-9 pnts when they lose they lose 18-21 pts

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