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Is permastealth possible anymore?


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@Toolbox.9375 said:I know Mesmers could stay stealthed permanently at various points in the past, but do they have the means to do so in their present state?

I'm fairly certain that at no point in the game, under any circumstances, has mesmer been able to truly perma-stealth, even with that crazy torch trait. There may have been a brief period after HoT launch where you could technically do it on chrono, but i'm not sure about that.

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Not too long ago I came across some mirages that were doing perma stealthing - but they were using third party apps, and also getting instantly out of combat, and going under the map and tp'ing way out of the normal range [can see them on map marked by the sentry]. If you ever see one that seemingly "perma stealths", just be aware it could be the possibility of third party app doing some naughty things (aside from their allies giving it to them). Haven't seen it in the last month or so though so maybe it's been dealt with. In any normal case, no you cannot perma stealth, at least not on mirage or core, I doubt chrono can too, maybe high stealth uptime but not perm.

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