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Tribulation Rift Jumping Puzzle Short Cut + Another Classic Tribulation Mode Challenge

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Hey again, being a little nicer in this post than my previous ones.Here's a shortcut for todays daily jumping puzzle, unlike the last one, or the one before that, this shortcut is fairly simple to pull off.

Copy paste link cause I can't seem to get imgur links working:https://imgur.com/4k9pBh3

But it wouldn't be a post of mine concerning the daily jumping puzzle if it didn't also have some kind of challenge. Todays is to get to the top of the tallest scaffold tower of the 2 towers right next to the jumping puzzles chest. There is a mount and gliding restriction for this area, but just for clarity; its a jumping challenge so its intended to be done without using a glider or mount. Should be doable with just normal jumps but swiftness is allowed if you think it'll help. Half the challenge is figuring out the route (despite it being small) so I'm only posting a picture of the final destination for this one. May reveal the route later if it's requested.iW0m1Yt.jpg

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