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WASD movement causes character lagging forward

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Hello Arenanet and to whomever :D

Im a returning playing and i was trying to set my settings as it got reset to default but for some reason when i set the movement keys to WASD from the direction Arrow keys it jag/hops forward or continuosly dodges in the direction im trying to move with WASD. This does not happen with the directional arrow keys. Im not double tapping in any direction as i know this leads to dodge i even disabled this option in the settings.

Summary: WASD causes lagged movements while arrow keys causes normal movements

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I have the same issue. It's absolutely infuriating as I just came back after 9 months to play this game with my Wife. I tried WASD and the direcitonal keys in other games and it doesn't occur. I even tried to remap the movement keys to Num 8, 4, 2, 6 for WASD respectively but it continues even with this new mapping.

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