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Bug: if you accidentally “drop bundle” while holding seed pouch, its gone forever

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Yeah, the ascended seed system certainly feels halfbaked with too many hoops to jump through. Its ugly that you have to replace the seedbags daily. You should be able to unlock them on the seed vendor, and at least be able to buy them right from them if not getting rid of poof upon harvest.

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I reported this in this post too. Maybe the post didn't get any comments because the wordiness made it harder to understand. I also added a bug note to each seed pouch entry in the wiki.

I really hope this gets devs' attention and gets fixed, because this is the only instance in the game that I can recall it being so easy to accidentally lose a valuable item. Everything else has confirmation dialogs or "enter the item's name to confirm".

With the seed pouch being removed from your inventory on equip, there are many other ways you could lose it:

  • You could disconnect.
  • You could accidentally equip something else.
  • You could accidentally equip it while not in your home instance.
  • Your IRL cat could walk on your keyboard.
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