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Hallowed Ground in Need of Redesign for Over-Stacking


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Nowadays with an abundance of source of Boon Duration, the Consecration skill easily over-stacks Retaliation above 5 stacks, denying any further application for the rest of its AoE time span.

Please consider splitting the application interval between Stability and Retaliation respectively into 1 s and 2 s each, and enhance the duration of Retaliation per pulse in regard to the now longer interval. Or alternatively, enhance the maximum count of stacks of this particular boon in duration.

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Still would not be used. Compare this skill with stand your ground:

Longer CDDoes not break CCSmaller range0.75 sec cast time.

I do not care if they make provide boons on 0.25 secs interval, it will not be useful.

If it provides protection though.. that might make it work.

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