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PVP Queue Button: Ranked and Unranked Not Working


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Checked this thread a couple days ago when I first started having the issue but the last post was end of October so I thought it might be something new. Looks like the problem has reoccurred or a build rolled back the fix. I did submit a bug report but not a support ticket. As mentioned by another person, the ranked and unranked buttons in the pvp panel graphically respond to being clicked but do not appear to do anything else. There is no error message.

Since the first thursday of the current pvp season, I have successfully queued for 179 matches. This is the first time the problem has arisen for me in that span. Looking forward to when it is fixed. Just thought I'd post to provide a little more data for tech and to let others know it is affecting more accounts.

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Same thing happens to me just now, I had dishonor due to lagging when I was queuing ranked. After finishing my dishonor, now every time I try to queue match there's nothing happens, no error message, no in queue message. (I've been trying to re-log and quit heart of mist) but it did not help.


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