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  1. Balance needs to happen for 2v2 inorder for it to be viable. Everything is balanced for 5v5 combat. To make it 2v2 i feel you need to cut barrier on all skills remove res signet and res banner. Lower condi durations on all damaging skills. Make it so 2 necro or 2 of anything cant play together. Lower all healing skills by 25%. Some examoles to juat name a few to make 2v2 viable imo.
  2. Skills going threw solid objects to do damage and unable to los it is a major cheasy cheat imo. Why should engi/holo aoe and flame thrower go threw solid objects. Just 2 skills to name afew as an example.
  3. Every solution requires to dedicate man hours into pvp, amd thar is not allowed at anet. Its pve and eod development or nothing so it would seem.
  4. @arenaNet if one the same person holds 2+ in helios case 4+accounts on a ranked leaderboard why should i as a player of one play your ladder/game? Its hard enough to compete with one helio, to have 3+ other accounts on the top 250 you have to beat down. But this isnt juat him there are a plethra of people on the ladder with multipule accounts. I dont underatand why a silver player can team up with a plat player. Why is that allowed?! So many problems with ranked that even anet gave up after the esl. And havnt done a thing to acutally address the cheaters, bots and rule brake
  5. They havent addressed this problem since its conception, why and how would they address this problem? Without quality/regular sustainable meta balance changes im not comming back to this game as a dedicated player. They dont put work into gw2 pvp so why should i play pvp.
  6. Anyone can get to plat with enough personal skill and baad players to play against. That games pitiful in the sence you never get focused by the enemy so you can just free cast. + this was a year or more ago befor necro barrier spam or minion necro in every game. Staff is slow and uncompetitive.
  7. Not impressed. The quality of your enemy so soooooooo sub standard it might as well be playing pve. The fight you had at far against their deadeye is so baad. You stand behind a pillar to los, super great on ur part. The de just trys and shoots threw it till u kill him. Whats the challenge/ quality fight in that. The only time i see any hit above 3k is at the end and it was from conjour axe 2 i think. Your hardest hitting skill only did 3.7k, super pathetic. In bronze to silver games is the only place this will work.
  8. Per game? Per player? If i ever get an offer to throw a game it be worth a legendary for me 2.5kgold at least is my price. Other wise whats the point, make the loss worth it or dont bother asking. I play the game to have fun, not to give some sh it stain cheater wins.
  9. The game is so small. It always the same people on the leaderboards and with multipule accounts sometimes.
  10. there are times i feel traits dont even work right. just had a game where i was running stone skin, and i get hit with a true shot crit for 5.4k. are there moments where stone skin deactivates other then switching attunments?
  11. thats great pve no joke, but to things that can stun brake, and move around youre toon its all ineffective. those mobs u pull, they stand still and take all your damage. try that in wvw or pvp atm.
  12. Yeah i probably would be better off with sometging else, but i wouls still have to use it and they all are just baad. Fgs is like 200 sec cd, once in a match moment total uselessness imo. Tornado doesnt usually work for me you get come a target for chill and deeps from the enemy. The very few times i remember/care to use wrave self like 1-2 times in a match it boost my speed or gives me added protection depending on the attunment im in. And it doesnt change my skills like fgs or tornado. If only ele had something like entangling vines biggest bs elite 48 second cheat skill
  13. If only we could use utilities as elites, it wouls open up more spec options. As it is now all i play is fa weaver and all i do is pvp. The elite i use most is weave self but i rarely if ever use the skill. It can help in slight moments but if im ever close enough for the cc effect to matter as a fa ele i be dead by then. I would love to use a utility as a elite skill slot.
  14. Against stationary targets it could work. But for pvp and wvw where no one is a still bot, the spec falls short in all aspects of combat. F5 unmoveable, augements dont do enough compaired to 2xtwistoffates, or armor of earth, teleport, or mistform. As for support goes it offers no team healing, except for a blast feild and the boons it gives out are better on tempest. When given the time and slow basicness of raids and pve, this spec can preform well. But under fast pace real combat it slow and uncompetitive.
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