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  1. I believe so yes. If the devs all had 1k games in pvp I think they'll understand exactly what is being mentioned here in this thread. But I don't. I doubt that the majority of the devs don't even have a hundred games under their belt. 1k games in 10 years isn't that hard to accomplish
  2. The game is to complicated. Not enough devs pvp enough to know the intricacies of pvp combat to make it balanced.
  3. Isn't what you are talking about called invulnerability? What you are suggesting is the end of counter play. You realize there is a dodge in this game that also nullifies some damage types? Considering you have close to 2500 and aare a rather infumous person around here, I gotta believe you are trolling everyone who read this thread.
  4. I do not think gw has it in any fair way. If a class goes stealth and fails it's stealth attack does it get any disadvantage? NO. If a class is in stealth does it have its movement speed reduced or damage? NO. How many classes have access to reveal to have a fair chance of counter play? almost none. Stealth has no disadvantage making it very unfair to play against. Many games that have stealth that I play make it so you can't attack while you are invisible. Gw is not fair with their stealth at all.
  5. I'm starting to get arthritis. Old age is getting to me faster with each passing day.
  6. warrior hits me for 5749 breaching strike and a 6901 aura slicer. 2 hits more then my entire health pool. all the while it take several rotations and a multitude of skills to land and equate this kind of effect on the battle field. the war was tanky as fuuuck. Elementalist really got fuucked in its creation for pvp when it was devised.
  7. This can't be stated big enough. Am I fighting one person or 4? Clones was a terrible design choice.
  8. Just make it so they can't teleport there walls and solid objects. Only line of sight. That will make them fair.
  9. If there is a condition that shuts down power damage like weakness does, why isn't there a condition that shuts down condi damage. Why can condi users put out the same condition over and over again without a cool down? Power users cant use the same power damage skill cuz it goes on cool down. But condi users have 3+ ways to put out the same condi damage without rest. You can't dodge a condi tick. Why? Cuz the devs favor condi. All the new weapons are going to be condi based. I fuuuuuuucken hate the way gw2 is developed.
  10. Anet never bans let alone ip ban. This game is run off of bots and dishonest gameplay.
  11. Also why can dh have up to two of the same traps down at the same time? When I activate a trap it should go on full cooldown weather or not it's been the length of the cd. They shouldnt b able to lay one down then another right after. It not an ammo skill.
  12. I see this problem with dh and there traps. Traps are the same size as an objectives making it impossible for an opponent to fight on the objective. So dh technically get a free decap every engagement and possibly a cap if it a drawn out fight.
  13. I wonder how long it will take for it to be fixed. Been 3 day now and nutingz. Or is this intended now and the devs just don't give enough poops to tell the pvp community anything
  14. No sympathy for a reaper here. You're 25k+ life can go jump right off a cliff for all I care.
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