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  1. But the thf get knocked down at least once by the earth wall in the same spot. Just my hits are not registering on him it seems. I also have a live ping read out on screen in the upper right cornor and it never exceeds 55 and that is just fine. So how can he be at any other place and recieve at least the cc affects at mine and his feet. But not my hits.
  2. The "dev tracker" section doesnt catalog all dev posts?
  3. I want more emotes in general.....already there are a few /emote actions that dont do anything and do give error message. Like /clap
  4. Its probably been said befor, but The more i use this forum the more im impressed with it. From video embedding, to notifications all the way to following other users posts. Freaken amazing for real.
  5. Can some one help explain what is going on here and why my hit do not register at all....is it because hea cheating somehow? Or is it like undeveloped code? Please help me understand so i can improve in this game.
  6. This guy knows how to rock a horrific necro build. Lich 1 is truely op.
  7. How can things be tanky? The genious devs removed all the tank and heal amulets didnt they? Their genious, their solutions to pvp, and understanding of skills and combat cant he challanged right? If you think about it, the next solution is to remove all vitality from amulets that should solve all the problems right? Lol Things are working as intended or they would have changed it my now. This scourge/necro meta is the will of the devs. Imo
  8. Combat system and skill dodging system is why im here in gw2. Go pvp! I gladly buy gems with my hard earned cash and buy cosmetics no problem. But these day the quality of gw2 game play is not worth the code its made on.
  9. A class that gets 31, 000 life with a carrion amulet is kinda alot compaired to what it gives a class with 11k hp. Some thing feels terribly wrong with gw2 and pvp these days. And the devs dont want to make any positive changes. A balance once every year is not enough. But they know that. They just dont care.
  10. The meta/classes strength is exactly where anet wants it. Or it be different.
  11. If trapper runes exsist, why isnt there something like cantrip runes that allow for invisibility? Why is it only traps that get the added ability of invisibility and not cantrips, or shouts, or other kind of utility why are these runes exclusive to ranger and dragon hunters only who use traps? Other then favoritism for the classes that these runes affect amoung the developers who developed those runes for those classes, these runes should not exsist.
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