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Feedback and Suggestions for the GW2 Art Team

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I figured that since GW2 is Fashion Wars 2, the Art part of the GW2 Development team should also get Feedback for the stuff in the game. So Feel free to add your feedback and suggestions for the GW2 Art Team here.

For me some request and thoughts on some things off the top of my head.

AXE:There are many different sizes of Axe skins. For me I like Large Weapons, and for axe, I like large interesting Axes like the Dragon's Deep skin and Luminous. Would like a few more large axes added down the road in future Black Lion Weapon updates. I play larger races, so Weapon Model scaling dont tend to be best for the larger races.

GREATSWORD:Greatsword tend to be the best work for Weapon skins in the game. There are different kinds of Greatsword of different sizes from big over the top, to small and skinny. Keep doing what you doing here.

STAFF:I play mostly on Revenant now days, which holds the Staff more like Hammer and is melee weapon. I would like more staffs with large top parts. Dont need to be pointed like a spear or a Scythe. There been some creative designs like that Hydra Staff skin. Good job on that. But a Double Side Bladed Staff could be a cool like nod here for a Greataxe like skin for melee staff skin as an idea.

MACE:Maces come in many different shapes and sizes. But like axes, I would like some more large maces in the future, and better size scaling for the larger races.

SHORTBOW:I know by its name its meant to be a shorter bow than the Long Bow, but so many skins its very basic compared to its long bow counterpart. I play Revenant and use my shortbow often but have very few interesting skins to pick from here. An example of a good Shortbow in my opinion is Desert King Shortbow. I dont know how many times I was browsing the Trading Post and Black Lion Weapon vendor and looking at the skins, and coming across an awesome Longbow skin, only to be disappointed when I click on the shortbow version of the same skin set.

ADVENTURE/MEDIUM ARMOR:Most can agree here, there are too many Trench Coats. Its a Medium armor category, why not try to have more chainmail armor types here. There are a few good examples like Triumphant Hero's Brigandine

CHARR:Well for this one, its a request. The Option to reduce the Neck size for Charr. a Slider if possible. But I would even take a more upright Charr design. I play Necromancer Charr Male, and was excited when Elite Specs came out with a Greatsword for Necromancer and that awesome Cloth Hood to wear...... But My Necro well,,,, as Charr, that hood looked subjectively terrible. The neck is too long. It makes most Head skins that arent built specifically for Charr look awkward.fJlDAq1.jpg

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Well, I'd like to see a few non-scaling weapons. Just three sets (big, medium and small) that would stay their size and would be too big/small for some characters.

And something similar with armors/outfits. Make them originally for non-human races and the human version would be just as badly adjusted as the human centred fashion is for others.

And medium male armors... No, I'd rather not, so insert another passionate but totally futile rant on that topic. :D

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