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  1. Because the problem was not "showing skin" but "having to show skin whether you like it or not" as you can't choose your starter armor. Nobody here has ever talked about forcing others to wear swimsuits afaik.
  2. I don't really like the idea of Aurene themed festival in the Grove. I'd like them to have something more sylvari related. Being free from Mordremoth is something I'd expect the plant folk to celebrate. Or the Pale Tree fully recovering (when she finally does).
  3. Definitely yes. At least you get to know if you still enjoy the game enough to actually spend money on it. And discounts do happen from time to time.
  4. I think they should be able to choose (not only for swimsuits).
  5. To the OP: No, thank you very much. My keyboard likes its smashing regularly and enjoys it tremendously.
  6. Well, the hair do look better after the update, thanks for that. If they tweak the texture resolution a bit to get rid of the "pixelated" look and give us some much needed slider-love, I'll be a happy lady (until I find something else to whine about) 🙂
  7. Well, the faces might even be fine as they are - but only until she winks. Then her upper eye-lid clips through the lower one very noticeably and it's disturbing.
  8. Hope so. I really don't want it to be a case of "don't mess with my creation" from the devs.
  9. I'm quite disappointed. Like what's with the ears (and parts of some faces) clipping so horribly through the hair? And why can't the hair be dyed properly? I can understand when "branchy/wooden" parts keep the skin color, but why can't we dye the "leafy" parts and only a blossom at the top is dyable? It just looks weird. And the pin is just stuck with the default color. And somehow the hair look... I don't know... like a cheap plastic imitation without much details overall. At first I thought I'd be quite happy with the new faces. But the female ones are pretty much all the same - a lad
  10. Maybe, for some people. For others, not so much/ not at all. Just as well as spiders, other insects, reptiles, oddly shaped humanoids and a ton of other stuff.
  11. I too like this cape a lot. I didn't really mean to get any more capes, but this one I must have.
  12. That might be because so many wishes for no-butt-cape armor are met with a new butt-cape (or skirt-like) pieces.
  13. Yeah, but then there are others (including me) who would really like to have more options. Especially for medium armor males.
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