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  1. Hey, that's it! I was wondering why they hold the spear in such a weird and awkward way while running. It certainly does look like the underwater animation.
  2. I'd be really happy to see some kind of ranger pet thingy. Like a bed, a feeding spot or anything really so my main can finally repay his dear fernhound for all the years of helpful company.
  3. I've just lost any desire to buy the Tropical set because the shirt is horribly unfitting on my male sylvari. Like what kind of shirt floats inches above and around the body? Were it cheap I probably (maybe) wouldn't mind. But for this price I certainly want the attire to fit. Anyway, less money spend is a good thing, I guess.
  4. I can't understand at all why they just didn't make a boots skin similar to the bracelet (sorry, for the life of me I'm not able to remember how it's called).
  5. What I'd like to get is a set of basic unarmed skills everyone gets with no weapon equipped. Because it's lame that an experienced hero/adventurer can't even slap anyone without a weapon.
  6. Well, I certainly hope our old friends and acquaintances will NOT call us "Wayfinder" all of a sudden. The Wizards are supposed to work in secrecy, right? So "Commander" it should be.
  7. Couldn't it actually be a spin-off of some kind?
  8. IMO having important story parts gated behind meta is no good at all. HoT was fine, the meta was adding to the story nicely and you didn't lose any major context if you missed it. But having important parts of what's actually going on told in the main meta sucks. Even if I do it, I don't have time to watch story stuff - I'm trying to stay up and contribute 😥
  9. It's apparently depending on the chest piece's width of the particular set. I am still mighty annoyed by Corsair pants making my daggers float a foot from my toon's hips 😕
  10. What I mean is that if a Sylvari, the Commander has it even worse because of not knowing anything else than their hero journey.
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