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Hi, my name's Jordan, I have been playing guild wars 2 for a short period of time and have come to realise that I would enjoy it a whole lot more with some friends to play with!

All my friends that I normally play other games with, don't want to play this. So if you are from the UK/EU and are potentially in the same boat as me or you just want more people to play the game with then please message me and save me from my loneliness.

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Have you thought about a guild? If you browse this forum https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/categories/looking-for-guild you'll get a pretty good sense of which guilds are recruiting and what they are about. Guilds give you other people to game with as well as tangible benefits like resource nodes to gather from, a variety of buffs you can choose from, and even a lowered cost for using portals.

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