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Answer to “What is beneficial in the system to roamers?”


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“Q. What is beneficial in this system to roamers?

Moment to moment gameplay should be similar to how it is now for roamers, except now that matches are more balanced, the objectives roamers take, and point’s roamers earn for their world will have a bigger impact on the match. When the worlds are balanced anything anyone does matters a lot more, because it is not going to be made irrelevant by the much bigger world.

If you want to guarantee playing with other roamers that you are friends with, then you can make a guild. If you do not want to do that, then there should still be plenty of roamers on the new worlds.I’ve seen some roamers worried about this system, and I’d be interested in hearing what in this system could change to make it better for roamers in their opinions. If you could mark your account as a WvW roamer account, and the system guaranteed a percentage of roamers on each world, would that feel better? Or is there anything else we could do besides use a different system. We would love to hear other ideas, and even though we haven’t been able to respond to everything we have been reading it all and taking notes.”

The hallmarks of any great “roaming” builds are movement and position skills. Giving all professions, and on any profession build, the option to have better battlefield and in-combat maneuverability would be the biggest benefit the devs could do for us.

Currently, the list of viable roaming professions are small, and it stinks to be forced into changing professions when we want a working spec for roaming (example, when I have to change from Necro to something else I may not want to play at that moment)... https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/9804/idea-wvw-only-movement-skills

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