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Patch notes look great but can we please get this Ranger update on bandits defence too?


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@Ustaf.2953 said:Increased the number of targets for Counterattack Kick from 1 to 3. Counterattack Kick now evades for its duration and activates faster.

BD is one of the best stunbreaks in the game, it has a low CD and unlike the new (and in a way the old one too) Counterattack blocks more than just one attack. Increasing its targets and/or making it evade would be an unnecessary buff/powercreep, not to mention BDs Reflexive Strike actually CCs for 2 seconds unlike Counterattack that only knocks back for cca 1 second or less.

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It already did get the ranger treatment when it was released, it originally auto procced the kick whenever it blocked any damage and locked you into the animation, which often got you killed Vs rapid fire etc. It's a great skill already tbh, if you wanted an evade on there you could expect it to get double the cooldown to compensate.

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